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The Digital Age-Opportunities to Make Money Online

Posted on the 31 May 2014 by Savita Singh @Compgeekblog

Today making money through the internet is a brilliant opportunity to many around the world. Everyone is looking to earn money and the internet gives a perfect opportunity to make money legally through a range of creative jobs that are available through the internet. People can get job satisfaction, showcase their talent and also sell products created and designed by them through the internet. The internet is the perfect communication tool that helps sellers, marketers, artists and others who have a brilliant business proposition to meet their target audiences. The following are few ways in which people can make money online through legitimate means:

Opportunities to make Money Online:

Make Music & Sell It Online:

Today artists, singers and musicians who want to sell their music online can gain popularity and earn money through the internet. It is quite easy to sell Mp3 versions of the music that you have created online. There are many online music portals or websites that sell music for budding artists. Printing CDs and selling them through e-commerce websites like Amazon is also a great idea.

Creating and selling music online is like creating a product for target audiences and selling it through the internet. If you keep the price very low and get many customers for your music online you stand to make good money through selling music online.


Design Products, Sell Them Online:

In today’s age, innovation is the key to success. Today people from all over the world are creating innovative products that can find a large customer base. However communicating the USP of the products and selling the products is a difficult task for them. Today a large number of products can be sold online through e-commerce. Products like household items, DVDs, t-shirts, e-books, small appliances and other items can be sold online through popular e-commerce websites like Amazon, Cafepress and other e-commerce websites.

If you are a web designer or a graphic artist you can get projects online and create beautiful web pages for your customers and earn money. Today many graphic designers and web designers own their own business and work with clients through the internet. Freelance web design and graphic design gives the designers freedom for individual creativity and also helps them earn money by selling their designs to clients through the internet.

Another product that you can sell online is photographs and images. Photographers can sell their images and pictures to many websites available on the internet. Popular among these include iStockphotos, ShutterStock among others.

Creativity and innovation is the key to success in selling products online along with emphasis on quality of the products and consistence of the quality. Many people have created successful products and brand identities by using the internet to sell their products.


Write & Earn Money Online

Writing an E-book is a great idea for people interested in writing and who possess a talent or flair for writing. E-Books can be written on wide ranging topics and sold online. This is a great way for writers to make money. This is especially true for those writers looking to publish their work but not getting an opportunity to do so. E-books can be fictional books, non-fictional books, self help books, biographies or just small e-books on current topics or trends. Also these e-books can be written from home, at a café, at a park or anywhere else using the laptop by writers who can directly publish or sell the books online. This eliminates the frustrating process of sending books to publishers hoping to get the book published through one of the publishing houses in the city. This is a direct way for writers to sell their e-books and earn money. The cover and graphic design of the e-book can be done using websites that sell images and photographs plus you can also take the help of graphic designers online. Content writing, article writing and writing for a News website online are other ways to earn money by writing online.

Become Virtual Assistants

A great way to earn money online is becoming a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is a concept where an assistant provides administrative, technical and creative assistance to clients remotely through the internet. This is a great way to earn money by creating a home office and then providing assistances to clients remotely through the internet. These types of jobs are particularly helpful to clients to do daily administrative work and the payment is usually done for the type of administrative work done by the virtual assistants. People can earn good money becoming virtual assistants and earn money through the internet. There are many popular online websites that help clients hire virtual assistants like ODesk, Elance and Fiverr among others.

Take Online Surveys

Another easy way to earn money online is to take paid surveys which are easily available online. This means that you have to take surveys online and earn money per survey that you take. This job does not take much of your time and effort and can be a great help to add to the monthly income. If you have time on your hands the more surveys you take the more you are likely to earn through online surveys that pay well.

Transcribe Audio through the Internet

People all over the world are earning good money by providing transcription services through the internet. Basically a transcriber gets an audio file through the internet from the clients and they have to simply hear the audio and provide written transcripts of the audio to the clients. It is a great job for semi-skilled individuals who have good knowledge of the internet and the languages.

From the above mentioned examples we can see that the internet today is a great platform for people to earn good money. One can earn money through the internet by working from home and thus this is also a very convenient way to earn money. There are various legitimate ways to earn money online, depending on the skills possessed by the person looking to make a good living through the internet.

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