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The Day My Nephew Was Born I Lost My Twins

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

The day my nephew was born I lost my twins


Do you believe in old wives tales? I do..And here’s why…
When I met my partner I already had my son, he had a son from a previous relationship, I knew from the first time we started spending time together that he was the one I wanted to settle down with, you know that strange feeling you get? I never had that with anyone else, I thought I did with my sons dad, but when I met Phil I knew I was feeling something I had never felt before.
It was no surprise when we got together and things started moving fast. He came back to mine after a night out and basically never went home, that was it, it was official. My son had already met him a few times dues to us been friends before we got together, it wasn’t long before we was engaged, he got me a diamond ring a big party the works, sounds perfect right?
Well in the middle of all the happiness things wasn’t looking good for my granddad, which had been poorly for a good few years. He suffered with dementia, stopped eating, forgot who we was, become a shadow of who he once was, Ever heard of the saying they take a life to give a life? I have and this is why I am a great believer in that one saying….
It was true me and Phil hadn’t been together long but I had a feeling, I felt pregnant, so while he was at work I decided to do a test, when it came back positive I was so scared I didn’t know how he would react, so I did what I had planned with my sister and friend, watch a film and pizza, only I left the test on the side for him to see when he got in.


He text me asking what it was, which I thought he was been funny but turns out he really did have no clue, anyway after my sister explained to him he text me telling me how happy he was, which was a huge relief, so I was happy to get home and see him, I will never forget we spent most of the night sat talking about everything, names, sexes, what it would be like.
I was woken up early hours that morning by my phone ringing and ringing, when I answered I will never forget my mums words ‘granddads died’ so in my pjs I met my sister and we all met at my nanas, it was heart breaking seeing all the family so upset, so are you understanding the they take a life to give a life?. The day I found out I was pregnant my granddad died!!
Had my dating scan I was 10 weeks and was carrying twins, yes twins, Phil was over the moon, until I had bad cramps and a bit of bleeding. I got a scan booked for 9th December 09, the night before my sister went into labour early at 37weeks. Can you see where this is going??


My nephew max arrived early hours of the 9th, I went straight to the hospital about 6am to meet him and he was perfect. I then went home to get ready for my scan. I just knew deep down it was over; the wait was torture just waiting for my name to be called. Eventually I laid there and the look on her face said it all. Our twins had died at 14 weeks…so the day my nephew was born I lost my twins.
This is why I believe ‘they take a life to give a life’


This post is an anonymous guest post


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