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The Day I Had Planned...Didn't Happen

By Hollyshaun0528 @TwinglesMom42
The Day I Had Planned...
8:30am - Drop off Shaun at work.
9:00am - Drop off kids at the sitter's house.
9:15am - Come home and work on lesson plans, laundry, etc.
11:00am - Pedicure (Shaun got an unexpected refund so he told me to go get a pedicure - so nice, right?)
12:00pm - Grab some lunch and head back home.
2:00pm - Pick up the kids.
2:30pm - Pick up Shaun.
3:00pm - Head to the annual Fall Picnic with my Mothers of Multiples group.
5:00pm - Head home happy, full, and tired.
The Day I Actually Had...
8:30am - Get Shaun to work
8:32am - Try to leave and then tell Shaun that something is seriously wrong with the car.
8:40am - Shaun comes out, tries the car, and tells me the transmission is shot. (I feel like this came out of nowhere. We had no light on in the car indicating a problem and it had run smoothly all the way to his store.)
8:45am - The car no longer moves in reverse. Shaun and a kind stranger push the car back into a parking space while I steer it in neutral.
9:00am - I'm on the phone with my mom and dad asking if one of them could please come give me and the kids a safe ride home. We're so lucky to have my parents here in town and thankful for all of their help.
9:30am - My dad comes to pick all of us up. However, three car seats don't fit as nicely into his car so Ky got to sit in the front seat in his car seat while I sat between the other two car seats in back.
10:00am - The kids and I unwind a bit at grandma and grandpa's house. At least we got a nice visit mixed in with this big mess.
11:30am - I get all of the kids back in my parents' car (Thank goodness we're able to borrow their car for a little while. I really don't what we'd do otherwise. We're so grateful.) to head home because I know Dawson really needs his nap.
11:32am - I realize we left the garage door opener in the broken-down car.
11:33am - I head back to pick up the garage door opener so that we're not locked out of the house.
12:00pm - We finally get home and I put all three kids down for a nap. I need some quiet time before my head explodes.
2:15pm - We head out to pick up Daddy from work.
2:45pm - We get Shaun and walk across the street for some frozen yogurt - everyone could use it at this point.
2:55pm - Shaun knows the girl working at the yogurt place and kindly asks for a discount. That sweet girl - I could've hugged her even though I didn't know her at all - gave it to us all at no charge. I seriously almost cried. (So maybe it's that time of the month - shush.)
3:20pm - Shaun makes some more calls about the car. All the news we hear and read is bad.
4:00pm - We finally begin to make our way home. Everyone is tired.
I feel emotionally beaten up. A new transmission will cost us a fortune. We have no money. Like zero. We will have to take out some sort of loan to cover this. We do not own a second car. We still owe money on this a lot of money...more than it's even worth now. So our options are all crappy.
We can take out a big enough loan to cover the cost of a reasonably-priced second car plus the cost of the repairs on our current car (leaning toward this option). Or we can take out a smaller personal loan to cover the cost of the repairs plus the cost of a rental car for as long as it will take to fix the car. Either way we end up with two loan payments - our current car payment plus a new personal loan payment. And our credit is not so super due to the recent housing/economic crisis so there's another winning factor to consider.
Please tell me the only way to go from here is up.
The Day I Had Planned...Didn't Happen

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