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The Dark Queen – Chapter 2

Posted on the 02 December 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

The Dark Queen – Chapter 2Can you believe it’s already December?

For many of us, it’s time to put up Christmas decorations and go out Christmas shopping! Most of us have cooler weather too!

Well, guess what? We’re here to get you warmed up and to treat yourself right!

As you may have guessed, Deborah has finished the 2nd chapter of her story, but we have to warn you…

WARNING: The content of this chapter contains sexually explicit scenes. If you are under the age of 18, you probably shouldn’t read this!

The Dark Queen – Chapter 2

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This may happen to you!

Before you start reading, we just want to remind you of a few things first…

The Dark Queen – Chapter 2

Remember, “The Dark Queen” – will NOT be posted every day because YOU have to decide what happens next! After you read this chapter, you will notice a poll at the bottom of this post! You have 24 hours to cast your vote! Deborah will then write the story according to the results from the poll! Unfortunately, you won’t know the results of the poll – until the next chapter is posted!

By the way, if you love Deborah’s writing, you can order her published book, “Bound To The Prince” through here!

We’ve bored you long enough…let’s get it on! Or, should we say, LET ERIC AND SOOKIE GET IT ON! ENJOY!

Here is the second chapter of Deborah Court’s Eric & Sookie story, “The Dark Queen”!

The Dark Queen – Chapter 2

The Dark Queen

By Deborah Court

Chapter Two

The barn, Eric,” Sookie said when they had reached the several buildings that formed the farm, closely huddled together among fields of wheat, corn and golden rows of rape-seed. Eric had a housekeeper and workers who tended to the fields and the animals, but they were instructed to leave before sundown and too well-paid to ask questions. Every evening, when Sookie watched the fields glowing like a deep yellow sea under the downing sun, she felt sad that Eric, who would wake only moments later, never saw them. She wondered if she could give him her blood so he could step out into the light for a few minutes and share this beautiful sight with her. But when he slept in his huge secret bedroom below the main house, it was almost impossible to wake him.

He had built a human bedroom above ground that was connected to his own through a hidden hatch under the wooden floorboards. The room was decorated much like her house in Bon Temps. After a while Sookie realized that he had arranged this months ago, always so sure that she’d be his one day. She wondered if there were rooms waiting for her in all of his houses, which she didn’t even know about yet. She used her room only by day when she was awake because she couldn’t bear sleeping without him.

Late at night, when she wasn’t able to keep her eyes open anymore, she lay down with him in his huge four-poster bed and fell asleep, feeling incredibly safe and loved. Eric would wrap her up in her blanket so she wouldn’t feel cold, then draw her close into his arms, holding her thus until she slept. When she awoke late in the morning, her vampire rested deeply, his large body still wrapped around her like a shield. Since she wasn’t able to push him away by herself, she had to wriggle her way down along his body to escape his strong embrace. In his sleep, his face looked young and almost boyish, not betraying his age and power.

Although she knew that he didn’t feel cold, she had started to make it her daily custom to cover him up with the blanket. He used to sleep naked, and she liked him wrapped up nice and tight, even tucking in the blanket around him. Eric had been astounded to wake up like this after their first day on the farm. When he’d asked her why she’d covered him up, Sookie had simply shrugged and told him that it was a human thing to do. Since then, she had done this every morning, and he didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he had even complained when she’d forgotten it once. Sometimes, she wondered if his body would feel warm to her if she was a vampire, too. But then, she quickly thought of something else, not wanting to ponder on this now.

It was just like his habit of carrying her around everywhere. Sometimes he even threw her up into the air a few times and caught his shrieking human again, chuckling with glee. “I’m not a child, Eric!” she had once protested, but he had just placed her on her feet and continued taking her up in his arms later, claiming that he liked her to be as close to his body as possible. “It’s a vampire thing,” he had added, grinning. “You have enough other opportunities to work your muscles, my little plaything. I want you to be well-rested when I’m making love to you for hours and hours.”

He still managed to make her blush at times.

Set me down,” said Sookie when they entered the large barn, stacked with hay. “Would you like me to remove my shirt and stack the hay for you so you can admire my body?” he said, grinning when he saw from her facial expression that he had read her thoughts. The idea had indeed crossed her mind, but she had other plans tonight.

No,” she growled. She knew that he was only joking, but sometimes this vampire was a bit too sure of himself. “Set me down. I need you to carry a sack of flour for me,” she added, gesturing to a pile of heavy linen sacks that were neatly in a corner. Take it to the kitchen.”

He dropped her into the hay and bowed slightly before her, mockingly. “I have no idea what you intend to do with a sack of flour in the middle of the night, but I’m your humble slave, lovely human.” With that, he shouldered one of the heavy sacks with ease, and walked off, heading towards the main house.

Entering the kitchen, Sookie noticed again how much this place looked like Eric’s farm in his memories, the one she had seen when she had followed him into his near-death vision and brought him back from the brink of death. Instead of the stone hearth of the Viking kitchen, a huge oak table dominated the room, long enough to seat twenty persons. It gave the house a rustic look while the wooden paneling along the walls hid all kinds of high-tech kitchen devices.

Eric dropped the sack to the floor beside the table. He threw Sookie a questioning glance and leaned back against the sideboard that stored the dishes. Sophie heated a bottle of True Blood in the microwave and handed it to him. He took a sip but with a look on his face as if he had just drunk poison.

Since I tasted your blood, this brew has become intolerable,” he admitted. “Only a few drops of you help me regenerate far more quickly, and the way you taste …” A dreamy expression came over his face, and he closed his eyes for a moment, relishing in the memory of her sweet blood. Instantly his fangs popped out, and Sookie felt her knees go weak. She had recently discovered that they weren’t like human teeth at all, but highly sensitive and that it drove him wild if she ran her tongue over them – which was exactly what she did now. She simply couldn’t resist.

Suddenly he kissed her, the bottle of True Blood abandoned on the sideboard, and claimed her mouth deeply. His groaning reminded her that he must be hungry, and she gave a slight nod of her head so he knew that she wanted him to drink from her. She deliberately pressed her tongue to one of his fangs, and the sharp tip drew a tiny line of blood. The sound he uttered was a mixture of male desire and raw need, and he sucked her tongue deeply into his mouth, devouring her like a tasty dessert. Her wound closed as quickly as it had appeared, and he broke the kiss and buried his face against her neck for a moment. She heard him breathe heavily, shivering and struggling to control himself.

You’re still hungry. Drink, beloved,” she whispered and felt him pierce her soft skin. He cupped the back of her neck in his big hand and held her gently in place. His low sounds of utter satisfaction sent a red, hot desire through her body, gathering between her thighs. She was contracting and tightening with every sucking sensation, and she felt his overwhelming lust through the bond.

For the first time she realized that this was as good as sex to him, maybe even better; and as his other hand wandered down to the place where she ached and yearned for him, she almost fainted from the knowledge of how his touch would feel combined with the draining sensation. She wasn’t sure how he did this, but apart from that first moment she never felt any pain while he was drinking from her, just pleasure.

Without removing his fangs from her, he sat her on top of the sideboard and stood between her legs, spreading them wide. His clever fingers found a way under her tight denim shorts, searching her core. Her new black lace slip that Eric had given to her, along with an assortment of other enticing lingerie, was already soaking wet. Then she felt him enter her with one long finger while his thumb was pressing down onto her little center of pleasure through the crude fabric of her shorts. Feeling her relax around him, he inserted a second, driving her to madness with a skilled upwards movement that made her cry out.

When he began to move his fingers simultaneously, entering, withdrawing and re-entering while teasing her with his thumb, she climaxed so violently that her body clung to his fingers, unwilling to release them. He retracted his fangs from her neck and tongued her bite marks lovingly until they healed. Finally he gently removed his hand from her and licked his fingers, all the while groaning as if he was tasting the best thing he’d ever eaten. Simply watching him nearly drove Sookie into coming again, and she nestled at the button of his jeans.

Not yet,” he said, kissing her lingeringly after he had bit his wrist to give her some of his own blood to recuperate more quickly. “There was something you wanted to show me, if I recall correctly?” His seductive smile indicated that he was interested in other activities, but loved to tease her a bit, prolonging the tension of the moment.

She glanced at him with a dazed expression before she knew what he was talking about. “Right,” she said. “There’s something new I’ve learned from Mrs Lund.”

When she was awake during the daytime, she’d offered to help the elderly housekeeper with her daily chores. She didn’t like the thought of being a woman of luxury; simply enjoying life at Eric’s side without making herself useful made her feel like a kept woman, and she didn’t want that. Besides, she was used to working, and she grew bored and restless if she didn’t have anything to do but look pretty and make love to Eric, although the latter could be exhausting at times, as well.

I’d like to show you the art of bread-making,” she said, glowing with pride. She had never baked bread on her own before.

His eyes widened. “Interesting. But you know that I won’t eat it, don’t you?”

I know. I just thought … I could teach you some cooking basics so you could prepare some food for me, if you’d felt like it one day.”

For a moment he simply stared at her, then her Viking roared with laughter.

The thought is not so very absurd,” she said, glowering at him. “Human men do this for their women all the time.” Liar, liar, pants on fire, she thought.

In none of my days has any woman asked me to cook for her,” His face was unfathomable, but he seemed to be intrigued. “Or bake bread, that is. I am speechless, my fairy.” He took her in his arms, before adding: “But I think I often watched the women bake bread back in my human days. There was a kitchen wench at my father’s house …”

She boxed him on the chest. “Don’t you dare speak of other women to me, Eric Northman!”

He grinned. “As you wish. Now show me how this bread-making is done.”

Well,” said Sookie, trying to remember the ingredients. She fetched a large bowl and mixed warm water, flour from the sack, salt, sugar, oil and yeast while Eric watched attentively. When she had what looked like a pretty good dough consistency, she scooped the mixture onto the table, over a generous sprinkling of flour she’d already scattered over the wooden surface. “Now you need to knead the dough,” she said, “like this …”

He watched silently for a while, enjoying the sight of her small hands working the dough. Walking over to her, he stepped behind her, closing his arms around her waist. “I like to watch you doing this,” he murmured into her ear before he started kissing her neck. Sookie had braided her hair into a thick plait that hung over her shoulder, leaving the nape of her neck bare to his touch.

She shuddered with delight when his hands ran down her bare arms. The summer had been warm, and she only wore a tight tank top. He reached down between her arms and helped her to knead the dough, his hands touching hers from time to time. The sight of his strong hands sensually stroking and squeezing the soft mass inspired naughty thoughts, and she could hardly keep herself from sighing.

This kitchen wench …” Sookie said softly. “What did you do to her?”

Eric chuckled, and his hands moved up her arms again. With a quick movement, he had removed her top and bra and proceeded by cupping her breasts, covering her with flour. “The question should be, what did she do to me?” he said, close to her ear. “I was but a youth back then. But with time, I learned some very useful things, like how a woman wants to be touched … here …”

Sookie threw back her head against his hard chest and closed her eyes while his fingers began to caress her breasts. He kneaded her just like he had done with the dough, all the time stroking her nipples and pinching them ever so slightly with every move of his fingers.

And here …,” he continued, moving one of his hands down, over her stomach and flat belly before he reached her pants, undoing them quickly so they fell to the ground. Sookie cried out softly when he found her mound and covered it with his whole big hand, then wandered deeper and started to pleasure her with his fingers. Gosh, but this man had long arms.

Within a heartbeat, he had lifted her up and laid her belly down onto the table, right into the mass of dough that was already spread out over it. Sookie screamed as the cool substance molded over her body, covering her most secret places.

I’m going to make fairy bread,” he said darkly. Then Eric started to knead the dough again, but this time all around her, along her arms and side, over her hips and right between her legs that were slightly spread for him.

She whimpered when he started to knead her heated flesh, as well; worked the whole length of her back, her arms and further down, until his fingers were kneading her soft butt. “You are one hell of a masseur, Eric,” she moaned, but he didn’t answer. She only heard his deep, satisfied laughter. Obviously her vampire enjoyed himself tremendously.

His fingers slid between her thighs and started to touch her in that very special place that belonged only to him. When she screamed out, he said, “And here.” Then he parted her hot, moist folds, and lifted her hips slightly towards him. Suddenly she felt his tongue there, ravishing her womanhood from behind. It was an incredible feeling and astonishing to her that he was doing this upside down, slowly sliding down from her slick entrance to her tiny, throbbing nub of flesh that was begging for his attention.

Sookie moaned with pleasure, feeling like a very naughty girl because he was doing this from behind, but also close to another mind-shattering orgasm. So close … But he didn’t fulfill her fondest wish; instead he quickly undressed himself. He caressed the insides of her thighs and made her spread her legs wider. “Open for me, little fairy,” he said in a deep, hoarse voice. When she obliged, she felt him pressing hard and strong against the place where she longed and ached for him …

Eric’s cell phone rang to the sound of Guns ‘n’ Roses’ Sweet Child O’ Mine, vibrating from the pocket of his jeans that lay forgotten on the floor.

It’s Pam,” he said, sighing.

Don’t you dare stop working the dough, Viking,” Sookie moaned.


To be continued…

© All characters are the property of Charlaine Harris and True blood HBO. No copyright infringement is intended. No monetary compensation is gained. Used for entertainment purposes only.

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Whew! *fans myself* Thank you Deborah for making our bread-making fantasies come true! I will NEVER look at bread the same way again! LOL How funny is it…Eric’s ring tone for Pam is “Sweet Child of Mine”? LMAO! I voted for Eric finishing what he’s begun, then calling Pam! Can’t wait to read the next chapter!

Deborah loves reading all of your comments! Drop us a line in the comment section below to tell her what you thought of this chapter!

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