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The Dark Knight Rises [2012]

Posted on the 06 August 2012 by Diana @azizaspicks
The Dark Knight Rises [2012]
Before going in to see the film, I didn't read the reviews or the spoilers- I didn't knew who was the villain (except Bane) or the character reveal at the end; all I remember was reading a tweet that said the film had a lot of plot holes. Besides that, nothing, so I went into the theater with normal expectations, trying to have a clean view on it.
Ladies and gentlemen, sorry to say, but I was not that impressed. Yes, it's a very good action movie, with great visual effects and fight scenes, grand, magnificent and brave, but it didn't do it for me. It didn't have Dark Knight's tight, intriguing and slightly crazy storyline, or Heath Ledger's complex character type, it didn't help people connect with the characters; moreover, the movie seemed to try too hard in achieving greatness and darkness at times, some plot holes were too obvious and I honestly didn't understand half of the things Bane said. It still has the Batman/Nolan magic, but it's not better or more exciting than the first two.
I love, for most of it, Nolan's direction and vision. I understand where he is going and I appreciate and admire his ways, but sometimes it was too much (Bane taking over the city and all his speeches). He creates epic movies, with many subtleties that are surely missed at the first view (I remember seeing Inception for the second time and understanding so much more then); on one hand, it plants a doubt or an intrigue on your brain and you remember it, but on the other hand you leave the theater unsatisfied and that leads to a not so stellar opinion overall. If I would have to classify his movies, I would put Dark Knight and Inception above TDKR, if not others, too.
See, that was my problem- this need for an epic finale of the Batman trilogy, with huge action scenes, and end-of-the-world speeches and moments, felt sometimes too fake and over the top...and this is where the plot holes come in. Struggling for almost a year to get of the worst prison in the world, Bruce Wayne climbs to the top, and without any money, passport, transport, he arrives safe and sound and with clothes in the most protected, craziest and secluded place in the world. Should I even mention the fact that if a bomb would really explode in the middle of the ocean or bay, it would probably trigger a tsunami so strong that could wipe out a city? And how did he have time to get out of there in time? Also, when did he have time to write his will leaving all of the buildings he previously lost AND indications for a specific character before being forced into the pit? I'm sure there are more and more important than this one, but I'll leave it at that.
Before I continue, I know most of you are probably rolling their eyes right now, saying "Come on, it's an action movie/blockbuster/different world, why is it so important?"- it isn't and I probably wouldn't have noticed or mention it, if it wasn't for the fact that overall, the movie failed to impress or excite me. You could argue that Avengers had a worse script or bigger plot holes, yes, but that movie had me on the edge of my seat, entertained and excited for most of the time.
But, you see, there are some amazing details in The Dark Knight Rises that need to be talked about. Firstly, the splendid Hans Zimmer score, who was perfectly chilling and powerful for the story. Secondly, the visually beautiful cinematography, from the close ups or wide shots, to the dark tone of the film. Thirdly, the fantastic casting: I love Michael Caine- his sweet, wise, caring and noble personality, and most especially, his last scenes, as they were, probably, the only moments where my emotions got to me (and, of course,the goodbye scene). Christian Bale, mister Batman himself, continued his line of great performances by delivering a suffering, dark and lonesome Batman. Tom Hardy's was good, but that's the thing- he didn't actually stand out in any way, which is probably ok, since his character is just a toy of the main villain, just a man fighting someone else's war, because of love. Anne Hathway was a lovely surprise and I really liked her portrayal of Catwoman, and Marion Cotillard was stunning as usual- got to say, I was not expecting that twist at the end. As for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, well, yet again, nothing out of the ordinary until the last scenes, were I was, once more, taken back by the reveal. My friends seem to think we will definitely have a continuation because of that, do you think so, too?
I admit, the last part was pretty amazing and I loved all the character revelations, the way Nolan tied up loose ends by giving Alfred his dream ending and so on.
To sum things up, The Dark Knight Rises is a fantastic summer blockbuster that fails to connect in some places. Wonderfully made and full of action and power, but doesn't reach its maximum potential, as it clogs in a sea of details, characters, storylines and a need for epic proportions. If I really had to rate it (something that I never do, as you must have noticed), I would give it a 3.5, maybe 4, out of 5. That's still good, right?

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