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The Dangerous Place We Stand Today---Thanks, Mr. President

Posted on the 02 December 2020 by Morage @kebmebms

It has been 29 days since our presidential election in which this sitting President lost. So, thanks, Mr. President and thanks to all enabling members of your Republican Party. Here's a snapshot of just where we stand now. 

The Dangerous Place We Stand Today---Thanks, Mr. President

Donald Trump is still, still, to this day, December 2, 2020, not recognizing our vote, our votes, our election or Democracy. He has still, still, to this minute, not conceded the election to Joe Biden.

'It has to stop' -GA election official condemns Trump

A GOP, Republican party election official has gone public, asking this also Republican Party President Trump to stop threatening people in Georgia as it's promoting and prompting death threats in that state over this election.

Not done there.

Trump discussed pre-emptive pardons for family

He's actually discussed preemptively pardoning his 3 children as well as his son in law. And they haven't even been accused of any crimes yet, of course.
Speaking of pardons. We're not done there.

DOJ investigating alleged 'bribery-for-pardon scheme'

Check that out. Trump's own, our own Department of Justice is actually investigating Trump himself for a possibly bribery for pardon scheme. It doesn't get any crazier, wilder or more illegal than this man Trump or his administration.

Meanwhile, we have this. In these 29 days, this is what has taken place regarding the elction.

  • Media: No evidence of fraud.
  • Politicians: No evidence of fraud.
  • Legal experts: No evidence of fraud.
  • Election officials: No evidence of fraud.
  • Cybersecurity officials: No evidence of fraud.
  • Dept of Homeland Security: No evidence.
  • Trump's own Attorney General William Barr: No evidence of fraud.
  • Random person on Twitter and Facebook: The truth will come out
-- Darius Hall III
Not done there, of course...
Trump Accuses William Barr And The FBI Of Election Fraud
This is just how desperate he's now gotten. He's now even calling his own, our own FBI and Attorney General of election fraud. Insane. More insanity. It's like his calling anyone else corrupt or "crooked." It's ironic, sure, but it's hypocrisy at its most outrageous and most wrong.
Dangerously, honestly, this is what Trump is possibly planning for inauguration day, instead of, oh, I don't know, being a mature, responsible, thinking adult for the first time in his life and actually attending that inauguration.

Trump May Hold Rally During Biden’s Inauguration

This may well be the most dangerous, divisive thing he's done yet if he goes through with it. Getting his followers all riled up across town, there in Washington, as well as across the nation while President elect Joe Biden is sworn in as actual President.
And even if he doesn't have the rally--so hoping--there is every indication he's going to continue to be, remain, small and petty.
Trump to boycott Biden’s inauguration and won’t even invite him for White House visit - report
I can't even believe all I read any longer it's so insane, so bizarre, so incredible what's happening, what's happened and what this nightmare of a President--certainly no leader--has gotten away with, to date, and is getting away with.

Trump Organization, Kushner Companies benefited from pandemic relief loans: report

Coincidentally, this, the pandemic is still going on, of course.CDC director: winter could be 'most difficult time in public health history'Not that we'll hear anything about it coming out of THIS White House. The Boston Globe said it right, said it correctly.

A leaderless nation adrift in a crisis

And CNN.

A leaderless America slips deep into a grim pandemic winter

Come on, December 14...

Why December 14 Is The Most Important Election Day

Trump’s Election Attack Ends December 14—Whether He Knows It or Not

And January 20, too, naturally.
God help us all get there, quietly and safely.

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