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The Damning Cost Higher Education

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Will college force your son or daughter into prostitution?



Skyrocketing cost of education driving ‘arrangements’


NEW YORK – With college graduates increasingly unable to find well-paying jobs after graduation, the dating website is gaining market share by appealing to millennials looking for a wealthy “Sugar Daddy” willing to help pay off their student loan debts, typically in return for sexual favors.

“Facing a lifetime of debt slavery, the millennial generation is doing whatever they can to avoid homelessness,” noted the widely read economics blog, drawing attention to statistical evidence that since 2009, the number of student sugar daddies has grown by 1,200 percent.


Want to know what fuels most of the college age Bernie Sanders supporters?

It’s very simple, Sanders promises to rescue them from the looming disaster spoken of in the article above. Sanders’ solution would be catastrophic, but many young people are desperate enough to grasp at straws.

And it’s become personal to me

Someone dear to me has been rendered unrecognizable through the indoctrination he received at a prominent university. Over 4 years time he became increasingly hostile to his family, breaking into rage at times. He graduated with extremely high honors, a very intelligent young man. He often lamented the horrible financial burden of his education, and wondered how he would ever pay it off. And yet when offered jobs after graduating, he refused them, leaving his parents to shoulder the burden. 

This past year we found out that he believes himself to be a woman trapped in a man’s body. He wears his mother’s clothes and makeup and a whig, and has given himself a female name. And now he has moved out of the family home to live with his college counselor, an older man in his 50s or 60s. 

The college counselor persuaded him to not undergo sex change hormone therapy. Sounds good, right? But the older counselor is homosexual, and we think would prefer to have sex with a boy, instead of a boy with breasts. 

And now for our earlier lesson in college economics.

The older counselor is covering the young man’s costs of living, allowing him to live without taking a job. This appears to be a “sugar daddy” arrangement. 

So, how many ways is our higher education system damning our young people. My answer is from the New Testament: 

“Legion, for they were many.”

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