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The Cut Throat Razors

Posted on the 27 October 2015 by Mike Lindley @fruitbatwalton
TCTRRalph's just blogged SAMA winners Colonel Mustard and The Dijon 5 and having dug his disco ball out of the shed, Ralph thought it was about time he further investigated Scotland's burgeoningly manic and funky 'disco-tastic' ska scene.  

Where better to start than with The Cut Throat Razors and the release of their latest EP Motown's Lost It's Soul which is due out on November 27th. Having recently played their track Jessica Rose on the Radio KC Indie Show to some excellent feedback it was with great anticipation that the turntable was spun for this new release.

The Cut Throat Razors at The Wickerman Festival Main StageThe Cut Throat Razors are a funktabulous 11 piece with a reputation for tearing up the stage with a fun-filled musical extravaganza to delight their fans during live shows. The release of the Motown's Lost It's Soul EP see's them add some new tricks to their repertoire. 
The Cut Throat Razors
First track up is the eponymous Motown's Lost It's Soul and the lyrics were inspired by the Julien Temple documentary Requiem for Detroit about the disembowelment of that once great city. The de-industrialisation and societal chaos that accompanied it chimed loudly with vocalist Scott Crawford's own experience of growing up in Paisley.

It's got a moody Stax-like groove with choppy guitar and sexy horns in abundance. It's probably outside its time and place, but who cares...you could almost believe you were walking down Seedhill Road wearing a big pink fedora, checked strides and a fur collared coat.

The Cut Throat Razors
Losing My Mind is ascribed by The Cut Throat Razors as 'What is it about lust that can turn otherwise sane people just a little bit bonkers. It's not just people either, in the animal world it could be argued that it's even worse. Take hares for instance, they're normally very happy to get chased around a dog track by half a dozen pre-rescue greyhounds but come the month of March they take up boxing and can be found knocking lumps out of each other in farmers' fields everywhere and all for a little bit of nooky'.

Whilst, for me, it's not the strongest track on the EP it's got an infectious synthi-ness going on that's hard to stop going back for.

The Cut Throat RazorsShe's My Baby, on the other hand is a groovy tune no self-respecting Mod or Modette would pass up the chance of sashaying to on the dance floor. Great horns and Sixties vibe that'll see The Cut Throat Razors fans bouncing at gigs.

A Beautiful Day seems to have a more introspective vibe with more of a story tell. It's got shades of the B52s interspersed with The Rezillos...what's not to like!

The Cut Throat Razors

You can catch The Cut Throat Razors (Winners of The Sunday Herald 'Best Unsigned Band' 2014) live on the 14th of November if you're lucky enough to be at The Big One Festival in Dorset or at the EP launch in Stereo, Glasgow on November 27th ably supported by another Ralph's Life favourite, Supa and Da Kryptonites (of whom more later).

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