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The Critique of Practical Reason (Kant) - Project Gutenberg

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WILL YOU butt out and allow this lady to make her own response. A feature of group behaviour is that if someone raises a difficult issue ( and it IS a difficult issue for her) then they tend to gang together against him to 8775 protect 8776 the person who raised it. That is what you are doing. So stop your acting out, sit down and let time pass for her to process my question. Your behaviour is extremely unconscious, very aggressive and stupid, clever though you believe it to be. Your behaviour tells me that personal boundaries were not respected where you learned how to
behave yourself. Being sad results from being hurt in some way and I have not hurt you, so stating you are sad is another stupid lie.

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8775 Some parents can only love the mask their children wears. 8776 And hence some people (grandiose ones) can only love the 8775 mask 8776 you wear, your false self. Not your emotions and feelings, not who you really are. And so we can see how lonely people can be if they live their lives without ever getting to really know themselves or others.

Talk Reason: arguments against creationism, intelligent

Nietzsche III: The Will to Power as Knowledge and Metaphysics. Edited by David F. Krell, translated by Joan Stambaugh, New York, Harper &amp Row, 6987.

Frankfurt School and Critical Theory | Internet

For example in The Body Never Lies it was all about how our body reacts to repression.
In Breaking Down the Walls of Silence, it is more about how psychoanalysis, the media and politics play into repression.

The determination of what was designated in metaphysics as what is present [ da Anwesende ], the res , is [re]thought in the new interpretation of a thing (as presented in the lecture What Is a Thing? ) from [the background of] the disclosive appropriating Event. In this interpretation of a thing, presence as the [metaphysical] determination of being is abandoned.

Being and Truth (GA 86/87). Translated by Gregory Fried and Richard Polt , Indiana University Press, 7565.

7) He obviously had an abusive childhood himself and hasn 8767 t fully come to terms with this before becoming a counselor and providing people with the false hope that he could help other people overcome their abusive childhoods.

It 8767 s also hard to 8775 emote 8776 alone. Kids cry best when they are held, comforted, and feel safe. How are abused kids, punished for emoting, grown into adults going to easily express feelings they spent their formative years stuffing?

The Critique of Judgment, often called the Third Critique, does not have as clear a focus as the first two critiques. In broad outline, Kant sets about examining our faculty of judgment, which leads him down a number of divergent paths. While the Critique of Judgment deals with matters related to science and teleology, it is most remembered for what Kant has to say about aesthetics.

Heidegger is concerned with understanding the essence of Hölderlin's poetizing: "a thoughtful encounter with the revelation of beyng " (p. 5). With how poetic attunement can ground a people. The poet's waiting for the new gods: "a persistent waiting for and awaiting the event [ Ereignis ]" (p. 58). Nature understood as beyng: ""The beyng of the poet is grounded in "nature" (beyng as such), which says itself originarily in the poetizing" (p. 789).

The Critique of Practical Reason (Kant) - Project Gutenberg

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