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The "Crazy" Fabric

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
Ziggity Zig! I got my zig zag fabric I blogged about a couple weeks ago.  I had intentions to put it in my living room, but the best laid plans fail sometimes.  I thought the pattern would be a bit larger.  It ain't.
It is now going in the family room (aka- the hell room that will never be finished, nor should it be because my kids destroy everything and it always looks like hell). Its a bit crazy of a pattern, but it fits the room's energy of couch jumping and pillow fights. I also got a bunch of other patterns in with it to make pillows with, but my sewing machine is still out of commission.  So I wait, with fabric draped everywhere. 
On the topic of projects, anyone doing anything interesting this long weekend?  I'm talking to all you equally crazy folks that see a long weekend as a great chance to "relax" by catch up on your painting, building, and redoing instead of beaching it .  It is Labor Day, right? Hope you have a good one!

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