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The Cowardice of the ... Americans

By Sedulia @Sedulia
For once, I have nothing to say. I just find this too annoying, stupid, boring, and wrongheaded for words.
Considering how every further intrusion into Americans' privacy by the TSA, the Department of Homeland Security, and drones, is welcomed by Americans frightened of terrorism, and considering how the Civil War is still a subject of fascinated horror for American hobbyist historians because of its gruesome death toll*, and considering how no invaders have ever seriously threatened the mainland U.S.A. since the Revolution, I think it's pretty ridiculous for Americans to post obnoxious stuff about a country that fought three wars on its own soil in 70 years against a bigger, more populous neighboring country. Unlike Americans, older French people actually have experienced war in their homelands. Maybe that's why they're so rarely pro-war.
Next time you hear that nonsense, say something.
*less than one-fifth of the percentage of casualties suffered by the French in World War I

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