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The Condo (2017)

By Newguy

The Condo (2017)Director: James Cullen Bressack

Writer: Bill Dumas, Bill Morroni (Screenplay)

Starring: Baron Jay, Trae Ireland, Michael Joseph, Chris Sapone, Tracy Mcnulty, Viet Wilcots, Aria London, Jackie Moore

Plot: Four married friends buy a condo to share as a bachelor pad, a place to bring their mistresses, until the wives and girlfriends bust the cheating spouses.

Tagline – Four married men. Four Mistresses. One Condo. Endless possibilities.

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

There may be spoilers the rest of the review

Verdict: Fun Rom Com

Story: The Condo starts as four friends Duke (Jay), Ron (Ireland), Tom (Joseph) and Juan (Sapone) use a mansion that Duke can’t sell as a bachelor pad to escape their wives, girlfriends and partners. While it all seems to be going smoothly for the guys even with their partners getting suspicious of their behavior.

Duke’s mistresses on the side Sunday (Moore) has problems that Duke wasn’t prepared for and now he finds himself dealing with those problems that could become violent. Can the guys keep everything together and keep their good thing quiet or will they lose the freedom created.

Thoughts on The Condo

Characters – Duke is the man that is trying to sell the house, he is married and starts using the house for an affair with Sunday. He knows he can trust his friends to help him cover for him while making sure he can keep Sunday from becoming her dangerous alter ego. Ron D is a stand-up comedian who wife is his business manager, he can easily start his own affair on the side and even uses it on his own routine. Tom is the quiet honest married man who has a crush on he hair stylist, when the condo becomes available he goes to break the traditions he seems so keen to keep. Juan is dance instructor who is in a relationship with Robert, but he is seeing women on the side, he is driving his partner crazy with his actions.

PerformancesThe four males leads show their skills at handling the material, Baron Jay with his quick thinking, Trae Ireland shows us his stand-up skills, Michael Joseph shows us the likeable under achiever and Chris Sapone shows us the strong charisma to get the women. The rest of the cast all perform well throughout the film too.

The Condo (2017)

StoryThe story follows of four friends want to use a mansion as a bachelor pad, so they can cheat on their loved ones, as things start to fall apart with their secrets. This shows how people shouldn’t take their partners for granted and that you will always get caught in the end. The story does well to show us the four characters motivation for acting the ways they do, the story does bounce around as we meet at one moment which if you pick up at certain points you might feel lost following.

Comedy/RomanceThe comedy follows the characters as they get themselves into trouble with the loved ones, while trying to follow their own romantic ideas.

SettingsThe film mostly is set in the mansion which shows the life the characters want to be living.

The Condo (2017)

Scene of the Movie –
Learning about Sunday and Duke’s reaction.

That Moment That Annoyed Me Once I learnt about Sunday’s character, you wanted to see where things would go.

Final ThoughtsThis is a fun comedy showing how men can get themselves into trouble wile trying to chase women.

Overall: Enjoyable comedy.


The Condo (2017)

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