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The Concept of Affimity- The New-Age Social Network

By Sayantini Bhattacharya @Sayantini_Bh

The Concept of Affimity- The New-Age Social Network | cherryontopblog
Hello, guys! Today, I am going to introduce you to the next-gen social networking site that offers the best content among all. We all know the value of a social media platform in the lives of bloggers. Affimity gives bloggers the chance to share their views with like-minded people and helps in reaching the content to the greatest extent possible. Basically, Affimity helps in growing your reach by letting you share your content with some groups/channels that are of your niche. 
In this cluttered world of social networks, there are a lot of people in your circles that might not be your actual target audience. Affimity helps you find your target audience who might hear your voices and be interested in it. In this way, your content gets maximum visibility and organic shares. This is the ultimate purpose of Affimity. When you see your content getting lost in the flood of meaningless status updates, photos and random memes you get to know that this platform is not for you. It might be good for recreations but definitely not a good place to share your blog posts. Because most of your posts do not actually reach your ideal audience. The interest-specific sharing drives organic traffic and gives your blog the best recognition.
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