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The Complexities of the Twin Flame Mind…..

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

The complexities of the Twin Flame mind…..Twin Flame Archives

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The complexities of the twin flame mind….

The overwhelming experience in love in this existence has some very powerful truth to it… It can be that we say that this is wrong, that is wrong, this is right, that is right, and this is about time…….

Time is the one thing that the mind has always done a brilliant job of making possible to keep us from all things love… These conditions whether positive or negative have done such a brilliant job of making those that stop seeing from the eyes of a child, and make this about seeing from the eyes of an adult.

I need more knowledge…. Knowledge for what… To be an expert, to be a conductor, to be the brilliant mind with all the answers… How many answers don’t create more and more pain?

Isn’t this what history has shown us over and over that will…

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