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The Comfort of Carbs

By Sofia1 @SofiaEssen

It doesn’t happen very often but sometimes I get a case of the blues for no particular reason. The sun might be shining like a brilliant diamond in the sky, birds might be cheerily chirping, and flowers of every color in the rainbow might be blooming all around me but I still feel inexplicably blue. Luckily, I’ve discovered a foolproof cure for these mysterious bouts of melancholy – Pasta Napolitana.

A bowl of steaming spaghetti topped with a generous amount of basil-infused tomato sauce never fails to banish my blues. After the first mouth-watering bite, I already begin to feel better. And by the time I’ve all but licked the bowl clean, I’ve completely regained my previously shaky equilibrium. Fueled by the comfort of Italian-inspired carbohydrates, I’m ready, willing, and able to handle any obstacles in my way again.

Chocolate has the same cheering effect on some people as Pasta Napolitana does on me. What about you? What is your secret weapon in a battle against the blues?

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