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Ticket to a Memorable Trip

By Sofia1 @SofiaEssen

I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled around the globe and back a couple of time and I’ve (mostly) had a great time doing it. So I thought I’d share a few travel tips with you…

Two Things to Remember:

1)   Keep your passport, ticket home, credit cards and cash with you at all times. Hotel safes aren’t always as safe as they should be. I speak from personal experience.

2)   Keep cash in the local currency in your pocket. Credit cards aren’t foolproof and they’re not accepted in places off the beaten path. Again, I speak from personal experience.  

Two Things to Forget:

1)   Lose the map. Getting lost is half the fun when you’re in a new place. I promise you’ll find something memorable when you have no idea where you are, something you would never have found with a map.

2)   Lose that guidebook. Do you really want the watered-down, preapproved version of your destination? To experience the real thing, ask the locals to point you in the direction of the “must-see” sights. 

Two Things to Bring:

1)   An open mind. You’re not in Kansas anymore. When in Rome…

2)   A sense of humor; it helps when things go wrong. More than likely, something will go wrong at some point. You might miss a flight or a ferry, find your hotel room is double-booked or lose your luggage. Having a sense of humor makes dealing with mishaps easier.

Bon Voyage

P.S. Don’t forget to remember to bring a flashlight on your trip. You never know when one of those might come in handy.

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