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The Collection, By Brandon

By Thetoaststaff

So Zach posted his impressive collection yesterday. As a rebuttal, I have posted a group shot of my meager collection. Here is a rundown of what I own from top to bottom.
2008/10 France Away(Henry)- This was a shirt worn during France's disappointing Euro '08 campaign.

2003/05 Arsenal Away(Henry)-
This was the away shirt during the famous invincibles season of 2003/2004. This is easily my favorite shirt as it is the only shirt that I own where actual silverware was won in it.
2009/10 Everton Home(Donovan)- This was the shirt worn during Landon Donovan's memorable loan spell at Everton in 2010.
2009/10 Aston Villa Away(Young)- Shirt worn by former Aston Villa player Ashley Young. I was a big fan of Young's game at the time(before he joined the dark side) and decided to support the England International. Plus, I really liked that Villa away kit.
2008/10 Arsenal Home(Walcott)- As you can see, I like to spread the love for my Arsenal kits. Walcott was just the player that I decided to get that season.
2010/11 Arsenal Away(Song)- I don't think I have ever seen an Alex Song kit. He is one of my favorite players so I decide to have at least one Song shirt in the collection.
2011/12 Arsenal Home(Sagna)- That 2008 Arsenal kit could have very easily had Sagna on the back instead of Theo Walcott. I was torn about which player to get. This year it was Sagna's turn and unfortunately I jinxed him and he is out injured.

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