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The Citrus Guy's Semi-Farewell Message

By Thecitrusguy @SCCitrusguy
Dear Friends and Followers of The Citrus Guy
   It is with a heavy heart that I make the following announcement.
   After much thought and consideration, The Citrus Guy is going to go into a Semi-Retirement state. Basically what this will mean is, my website ( will be coming down and my bookstore will come down (my books will still be available on, and the monthly newsletters will be no more.
  I am no longer working at a garden center, or even still in horticulture. I will be back on the road doing deliveries for PODS containers. More money, fewer headaches. I will try and still honor as many current lectures/events that I have booked for the next 9-10 months as I can. My blog will stay semi-active and I will still be on Facebook, (, to some extent.
   I am taking these steps for a couple of reasons. While I love helping folks with their citrus problems, it has become a huge endeavor to keep up with. I never intended The Citrus Guy to make tons of money, but unfortunately, it has gotten to the point where it costs me more than I make. I have never been a good salesman, so coming right out and saying that it will cost this much for me to come to speak, or for me to answer your e-mails/questions never really entered my mind. I enjoyed doing it and I took what I could get.
   I thought maybe that if I had a donation button on my websites folks would donate, and some have. To those folks, I say, “THANK YOU”, it really meant a lot to me!
     I was asked if there was a way to have any of my lectures put online, which I finally got done and had one of my Citrus talks put up. After well over three hundred views to check it out and see the intro, I have had two people purchase it. Unfortunately, time and websites cost money and if the return is not even covering the cost, then it is a negative situation. Simple business economics.
   If time allows, I will still answer any inquiries that I get, but I can not guarantee a speedy response. I truly hope that you understand. It has been an honor and joy to speak to so many people over the years! Age, time, and finances have started to take their toll and I must make some tough decisions.
Forever Yours,
The Citrus Guy
a.k.a. Darren Sheriff

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