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The Choice Between Integrity and Success

By Stacylrust

Is it better to choose a life of integrity or success?

At some point in our lives, we’ve decided that we have to choose.

We couldn’t possibly have it all. You can’t have a life filled with both integrity and dollar bills. Having one means sacrificing the other.

We can’t be true to ourselves while we live in a 6,000 ft. mansion.

We can’t possibly tackle the world’s most monumental problems in that corner office.

We can’t have both strong relationships and a booming, international career.

We can’t be both financially successful and deeply committed to what’s most important in our lives.

Freedom comes in one form or the other.

You can choose to be true to yourself, become an artist, hone your craft in solitude, and live a life that is meaningful, raw, open, and honest. But, you’ll have to learn to be happy with less. And, you’ll need to get used to the feeling of not being able to afford luxury.

Or, you can say yes to luxury and a fat bank account. You can sell out, make millions, and live in comfort. But, then you’ll be left with that gnawing feeling that you aren’t making a difference, and you’re living a lie. You’ll feel that you are not really contributing in an honest way to the world around you.

So, choose.

One or the other. You can’t have both.

Don’t you dare ask for both. 

Don’t you dare live in your truth AND own a BMW.

It’s too much.

Nobody should have both.

It’s greedy, and it’s unnecessary. Who are you to have it all while others have none?

Who are you to be free, unique, independent, outspoken and honest, while checking into that 5-star hotel?

We’re taught to never reach with both hands, to cling to safety, and only step into freedom halfway.

But, when the illusion fades, we realize we can create whatever kind of life we want. Being wealthy doesn’t mean neglecting your truth, or ignoring the most important parts of life. And, bringing your most sacred art into the world doesn’t mean starving.

You don’t have to choose. You just have to trust, be brave, and be willing to reach out with both hands.

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