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The Cadillac Three at Boots and Hearts 2019

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein
The Cadillac Three at Boots and Hearts 2019

All the way from Nashville, TN, The Cadillac Three took over the Boots and Hearts Front Porch Stage on Thursday night for Canadian country music fans.

Over the last few years, The Cadillac Three has become one of our favourite touring country bands. We've seen them as openers on big tours, headliners on their own schedule, and even on a small bar stage in Toronto. But until Thursday, we had never seen the boys in festival mode. In all honesty, there wasn't much difference. Jaren, Neil, and Kelby play hard, they play loud, and the venue doesn't change how they approach the stage and the show.

In front of a crowd of people ready to party, TC3 wasted no time by easing into their set. Off the top, they rolled out Tennessee and Slide to get things going, and they were all in.

The crowd appreciated it. A look out over the crowd showed girls on shoulders, hands in the air (many holding beers), and all kinds of cheering and jumping and dancing. It was rowdy in all the best ways a concert should be. The energy was up. There was excitement in the air. And The Cadillac Three just kept things going until their time was done.

For 45 minutes, these boys from the south were at home north of the border. The stage was theirs. They owned the audience. It was all exactly what we thought it would be. When we wrote our preview for the festival, we listed five reasons we were excited to see The Cadillac Three. Before the set was over, they checked them all off.

The country fuzz vibes from the band rang through the tented stage area and out onto the crowd in the back. And while it can be hard to hear the crowd singing along over the drums and guitars, we can assure you that Boots and Hearts was singing as loud as they could with the new ( Crackin' Cold Ones With The Boys) and their older favourites like White Lightning.

There were no misses here. Our only wish is that the set had been 20 to 45 minutes longer so we could have heard so more music from The Cadillac Three.

When the set did end with The South, the crowd was the loudest it had been at any time so far. Thousands of country fans sang/screamed the words and gave TC3 the send-off that they not only deserved but earned at the Boots and Hearts 2019 Coors Banquet Kick-Off Party.

The Cadillac Three Setlist, Boots and Hearts 2019

The Cadillac Three at Boots and Hearts 2019

The Cadillac Three at Boots and Hearts 2019

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