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The Brevity of Time

By Namalsiddiqui @namalsiddiqui
Passionate hearts longing and living every moment together Ambitious hearts determined and preparing for the future Expectant hearts waiting and hoping for love and order A weary heart, a merry heart, an indifferent heart, a keen heart But never enough, and never more Such is the brevity of time. 
THE BREVITY OF TIME A moment in time A lifetime in a moment
Time caught me off guard Sailing from a season to another
Passionate throbbing summers, Comforting endowing winters
A storm among this all Can’t go back, the only way  Is to make a fall or crawl In the brevity of time
Some yearn for the love of a mother Some toil years, for riches and splendor
Some search spanning spaces to places, Looking for something unseen, unknown
Sometimes God and sometimes their own lonely soul It takes seconds, hours, days, decades
For a change of heart or to build a fortress The weary heart thinks it forever
‘Never had enough’, thinks the one that’s merrier But man, his only weapon time
Still falls short of what he calls ‘mine’ With its passage time gets older
Yet in its present, time is lesser So, unsated and troubled he dies
Falling in the thrust of this paradoxical time And in this bewilderment of little versus less
Yet again, Time caught me off guard Sailing from a season to another ...
Love & Peace,

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