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The "boob" Light Gets a Lift

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
Everyone loves a pretty chandelier.  They add drama and character, are the perfect accessory to almost any space.  Unfortunately, they don't fit every space. 
When ceiling height is an issue, we often have to turn to the flush mount fixture.  There haven't always been a ton of options available in that department.  Hence the "boob" light. You know what I'm talking about. The standard "builder's special": a perky glass dome with a metal "nipple" right in center holding it all together. 
 I have pulled together some pretty alternatives to the "boob".  Here are my favorite top 5 6, all under 12" high, to add beauty when height is an issue. (Click picture for source) 

Another take on the lotus.  Painted gold would be perfect! The
This next one has an interesting brown fabric shade that reminds me of a sea fan.  I'd love to see it sprayed white or lavender. It would look amazing against a darker painted ceiling... The Never get tired of a sunburst, in any form... The
Doesn't get much prettier than the Lalique, a definite classic...
Super airy and sparkly...
The And finally, this one is like a gorgeous wedding band. I do! The

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