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The Body Shop Vitamin e Cream Exfoliator

By Malin
The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Exfoliator £9.00
This has been my go to exfoliator for a while now, I love how it makes my face feel fresh and moisturized at the same time. It's a light pink cream with tiny red exfoliating bits. You only need a small amount to exfoliate your face. I usually leave it on for a few minutes before I wash it off, so that the skin soaks up the vitamin E and also it really makes my face feel moisturized afterwards. It is quite creamy so it does moisturize well. "Kind and gentle soap-free skin smoothing. With added antioxidant protection." is what it says on the package. Overall I really like this exfoliator, but I am keen to try a new one. Any suggestions?

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