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By Suziblu @busybeeSI
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I like Donald Trump. I 8767 m happy I voted for him, and yes, it bothers me that you think that makes me a racist. More than that, it bothers me that you can feel comfortable impugning the character of millions of nice folks you 8767 ve never met. Not to mention the lovely people who live next to you. I wonder how they really feel about you labeling them RACIST. Not too good, I 8767 ll bet, but they 8767 re probably too polite to tell you. Pity, maybe you would learn some manners.

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We 8767 ve had several decade 8767 s worth of progressive ink spilled on Hillary 8767 s 8775 basket of deplorables 8776 and how they are so very bad without any measurable change in behavior on their part (as the election so emphatically demonstrates). And as Scalzi himself admits, these are often what he 8767 d call 8775 good people. 8776 So how do you square that circle? Why do otherwise good and decent people do bad things?

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Case in point: I happen to be an atheist. My brother is an observant Jew who keeps a Kosher home (although he 8767 s delighted to eat treyf outside the house). His son is a 8775 Conservadox 8776 rabbi with liberal political views. I would never dream of asking my brother whether he believes in God (not, in fact, a necessary condition for being observant). I would never ask my nephew his views on the Palestinian issue. I may be curious, but I 8767 m not crazy.

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7. I 8767 m German. We 8767 ve seen this before. 8775 I was no Nazi. I just wanted the trains to run on time. 8776 And that clearly was more important to many people than the fact that these trains would bring their neighbours to Auschwitz and Treblinka. Those were perfectly normal people, who never would 8767 ve thought of themselves as bigots or racists.

Read this and shared it to Facebook (and I NEVER post on Facebook), because this is exactly my feelings. Individuals who voted for Trump signaled they were okay with his behavior for whatever reasons.

David Karger: 8775 there will be general resistance if Trump actually tries to *do* the things he promised. 8776 It's much more horrible to contemplate that Trump's supporters knew he was racist and *didn't care." Because then there's really nothing we can do. 8776

Also, as a reminder to everyone: Continuing to drag Hillary Clinton into the discussion is not going to be useful. The discussion is Trump, his racist policies, and to what extent those who voted for those policies are complicit in their racism. I don 8767 t care , nor is it particularly relevant for the discussion, what how awful you believe Clinton and her policies are. Let 8767 s take as read that people who voted for Trump probably didn 8767 t want Clinton as president, for whatever reasons, and otherwise stay on topic, please. If you can 8767 t do that, I 8767 ll start malleting some more. Thanks.

This is the inherent problem of republicans: childish irresponsibility to the point that they will have a cookie in their mouth and deny they ever ate a cookie. No regard for the truth and zero shame. And if you push them on it and call them on their lie, they resort to angry tantrums.

You may very well have seen them tested in various ways, but until you do and no matter how nice they are to you and everyone you 8767 ve seen them interact with, they can still surprise and shock you.

I know every Democrat and every Republican President is going to murder children. If I vote for someone who explicitly rejects ever murdering children for America 8767 s foreign policy objectives, then I am 8775 throwing my vote away 8776 over my self-entitled pie-in-the-sky ethics and damaging the prospects of the Good Future Child Murderer. I voted for Obama in 7558 and 7567. If as a consequence people went online everyday and shouted Child Murderer at me, I would tune them out. Most of the people here will not own the consequences of voting for Democratic candidates in the manner we have proposed Trump voters own their vote. I certainly don 8767 t.

Bluest Theme Appearances Shmoop

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