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The Blue Collar Vote

Posted on the 01 November 2012 by Bluecollarworkman @TB_BlueCollar

If you have strong feelings on politics and want to stay my awesome friend, then maybe you shouldn’t read this (because what if we disagree? Then we’ll always have that wedge inbetween us and you’ll never come back to my website and I’ll never visit yours again, and we’re too cool to let politics get between us like that). I’m actually going to tell who I’m voting for this presidential election.American Flag

This’ll be the most political I ever get. I promise.

The blue collar vote is an important one; politicians seem to like the idea of getting the middle class, working man’s vote. And guess what, dudes? I’m a middle class working man!

The Coworkers Vote

Sometimes my coworkers and I are at a job site and talk about the a-holes running the country. Who are they all voting for? Barack Obama.

In other big cities or in the rural country, maybe it’s different. But in my big city, the blue collar dudes are voting for Obama.

The TB Vote

At first, I was

Mitt Romney
going to vote for Mitt Romney. I thought that Obama was giving out too many freebies, and that doesn’t need to be. But then I did some research on Romney and found out that he lies a lot (and that his real first name is Willard – did you know that?).

So then I wasn’t going to vote for anybody. Politics is a get rich scheme that uses my really hard earned money. I think that sucks. They are all rich and getting richer, while I’m struggling to make ends meet!

But in the end, I’ve decided that like my coworkers, I’ll vote for Obama. He’s been truthful about everything he’s done. He didn’t deliver on everything he promised, that’s for sure. But a lot of that stuff takes time and when you get into office you realize that what you want to do can’t always be a reality. But the man has been truthful about everything he’s

Barack Obama
done or wants to do.

My other reason? I watched the vice presidential debates and thought Romney’s running mate was an arrogant little vice president wannabe. He just sounded so arrogant, and then hearing Biden smack him down made me like Obama even more.

So there’s your blue collar vote!

You can leave a comment, even if you don’t like who I’m voting for. It’s cool. We can still be friends. You can tell me why my decision sucks or why it’s awesome. I won’t get mad. And you shouldn’t get mad either. Be cool.

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