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The Birth Plan. Sorta.

By Megthamama
I went the Dr. on Monday. 

She reminded me that I'm having a big baby. 

I have a new due date/week because of said big baby. 

It's REAL now folks. 

When I told H the new date/week time frame to expect the baby buddy.....he started laughing......which made me start laughing. We laugh at the face of fear. 

When the sweet Dr. upped my "date".......I kindly told her No. 

I'm busy that week. 

I'm so busy that week that when I told H about the new date.....after he stopped laughing....he said "aren't you really busy that week?"

Yep! This mama doesn't have time to be birthing a baby! 

If you know me well, you understand that I'm straddle of the fence with a Type A personality. 

I tend to over plan things that REALLY don't matter, and on the big tickets items, I take the "Meh" approach. 

*I know the theme of baby buddy's 1st birthday party

*I have our Father's Day menu already written out
*I have menu planned for my mom while she is staying at our house after the baby is born
* I color code parts of my planner
* At one point in my life, I would pick out my work clothes for the entire week 

My friends who know me really well know what side of the fence I'm on regarding birthing. 

Others, are constantly telling me: "Well Meg, you know you can't plan this out. You know you can't control when your baby is born."

Thank you for that. I must have stepped out of the room during our birthing class when they went over that chapter. 

Here's the deal: H and I are busy planning to not plan. 

Make sense?

My Dr. asked me if I was going to do a birth plan. 

For a moment, I freaked out internally and thought I was already behind!!! 
"Socks or no socks?"
"Should H be on the left side or right side?"
"Tv on or off?"
"Mom in the room or not?"

"Drugs or no drugs?" Just kiddin'! I want the drugs. I want ALL of them. 

 "Does H introduce our sweet buddy to family or do we wait until we are all 3 together?"
"What food do we immediately order out?"
"How soon can I have Starbucks?"
I quickly realized my thoughts have NOTHING to do with actually giving birth. 

So, the plan is: Have a Baby

That's it. Let's just have a baby. 

There are a few medical caveats that I've discussed with my Dr., but I limited that to 2 things. And she thanked me for that. 

Don't get me wrong.....I want to be prepared..........but not planned. 

If I have a written plan, I would feel the need to take a highlighter with me. 

I would be tempted to highlight my plan. 

Arrive at hospital. 

Get coffee for freaking out husband. 

Start the drugs. 

Cry when the Dr. says I'm only 3 cm. 

Ask for more drugs. 

Reminder the Dr. about my big baby.
Threaten H when he asks if he can leave to go pick up Taco Bell. 
Request more ice chips. 
If we don't have a plan.......we won't know any difference between our birth and "a planned birth."
BTW: I think H would be tempted to laminate the plan and bring an expo marker with him. He would probably turn it into a football play chart or something. Then, he would want a coach's shirt to wear that says Team Jones. I have already picked out his blue polo shirt to wear. Because......I plan like that. 
I try not to envision how the day/night will go so I don't go into it with any expectations. 
Go to hospital. Have a baby. Leave hospital. 

I'm too busy adding to my Baby Wise 3-ring binder than to plan for labor/delivery! 

I'm just a little Nervous Nelly right now.....but I'm excited! 

Everyone has a birth story.

Some are great! The mama's don't even break a sweat. And they are ready to go again. 

Others are horror stories that include 15 pound babies with epidurals that don't take. 

Either way, a baby is waiting for you at the end.......and that my what is keeping me from throwing up in fear of not having a plan. 

I'm gonna have a sweet little baby. Plan or no plan, he's coming. And we are ready (in theory). 

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