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The Best Ways to Make Extra Money on the Side

Posted on the 28 February 2014 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl

Today’s depressed economy, layoffs coupled with inflated living expenses, makes it increasingly difficult to pay the bills. Most of us feel like we’re already burning the candle at both ends, and a little extra cash could make a big difference. Whether working from home or putting in a few extra hours at a second job, the following ten suggestions may help you make extra money on the side.

One – Freelance Work:

Freelancing offers several advantages to individuals who want to generate a little extra income. Many parents, retirees, and students prefer working from home. Web-design, writing, and expert consulting and are just a few of the possibilities. Quite often, hourly rates are better than those in salaried position.

Two – Sports Betting:

As more women and men tune into the exciting world of sports betting, fixtures for the world cup 2014 offer earning potential. Within our highly mobile sphere, it’s possible to responsibly wager lucrative bets.

Three -Vehicle Advertising:

Have you noticed the number of vehicles displaying colourful ads? Promotional graphics can generate hundreds of extra dollars each month. Just sign up through the company’s website, although there may be a waiting period. You will have to meet demographic requirement, and commit to driving a certain number of miles each month.

Four- Work at an Internet Café:

Starbucks, for example, provides vacation time, dental, medical, and vision insurance to employees who work 20 or more hours each week. Stock in the company may be available at a reduced rate, and there may be retirement and tuition reimbursement incentives.

Five – Direct Sales:

Direct sales have not been phased out. Programs like Amway and Avon provide opportunities for individuals who are willing to put time and effort into sales. Make certain that you sign up with a reputable program, one that doesn’t require an exorbitant start-up fee!

Six – Selling Gold Jewellery:

Although the cost fluctuates, selling gold jewellery is one way to bring in extra cash… the more karats the greater the value. If you sell to a mail-in company, verify the business rating and make sure that your package is insured.

Seven – Market Products:

Conventions and promotional events look for locals to sell merchandise. Electronic devices and product samples are the types of items that companies need help selling. Just post your resume with a staffing agency.

Eight – Rent Out an Extra Room:

A spare room in your home could bring in a nice extra income. Bedrooms may be rented out for hundreds of dollars each month. Do the research; check comparable rates and regulations in your area, and make sure that you draw up a comprehensive lease agreement before renting.

Nine – Selling Items:

Sell items and collections on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, and/or Etsy. If you create crafts and artwork, set up an ecommerce sit or sell through an online business platform.

Ten – Start a Blog:

Blogging requires time and commitment. Select a topic that you’re enthusiastic about and start spreading the word. If you’re consistent, chances are you’ll draw a reliable following to your site.

These are just a few ideas for earning extra cash. Today’s global community provides many unique and exciting opportunities. It just takes persistence, a little creativity, and a genuine desire to get ahead!

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