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The Best Strategy To Improve Your Blogs SEO on 2019 [ Infographic ]

Posted on the 01 October 2018 by Burim Bekteshi @AllSEOBasics

Blogs SEO Strategy

Image: Blogs SEO Strategy

If you are looking for how to create an SEO strategy for your site, then you’ll love this infographic.

Best SEO Strategy 2017

Infographic: Best SEO Strategy 2019

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1. Do an SEO Audit to see what's wrong with your  Blogs SEO?

There are a lot of tools (free, freemium, premium) available on the internet for SEO Auditing your websites and blogs.
First, when you start doing SEO for your blog you should definitively do an SEO Audit.
Here are some tools that I often use for SEO Auditing my sites:

2. Improve Your Blog Technical SEO

Try to improve the technical SEO issues pointed to the report generated from SEO Audit Tool as much as you can and as much it is possible.
This is important because Google and Bing will have it easier to crawl the website.

3. Improve Your Blog On Page SEO

Try to improve the ON PAGE SEO issues pointed in the report as much as you can and as much as it is possible.
This is important to improve rankings of your already published pages.

4. Find Competitors of Your Blog

Make a search and find the biggest competitors of your blog and place them on a list.
This is important because this way you will analyze the keywords that bring traffic to their blog's and the most converting keywords.
Not just keywords but knowing the competition will help you also to identify creators of their blogs backlinks and then build backlinks to your site.
Try SEMRUSH to find your competitors and their profitable keywords and strategy.

5. Keyword Research: Identify Keywords for Creating Content

Keyword Research is very important for every SEO campaign and because of that, you should spend a lot of time by researching keywords with various tools, that bring traffic and that convert.

6. Writing Blog Posts

Now that you have a list of keywords, it's time to start writing blog posts with copywriting skills for those keywords and implementing them throughout the content of your blog post.
To make the posts understandable for readers and search engines you should include keywords in the posts but it should remain SEO and user-friendly.
Include your target keyword in the post title and first 100 words of your articlebut don't forget to keep the keyword density in optimum and also to create good and readable content for your blog visitors.

7. Implementing Schema Microdata for Rich Snippets 

Implementing Rich Snippets is very important for small business site's and blogs.
How to implement Rich Snippets it depends on CMS you use but you should always try to implement Rich Snippets for the site's that you manage.

8. Increasing the Number of Backlinks Pointing to Your Blog

As I have stated earlier backlinks are very important for every SEO campaign because they remain the most important factor in SEO for this year also.
I usually do these white-hat techniques to obtain good backlinks:
8.1.Sending links to directories that still have authority
8.2.Blog commenting on related blogs,
8.3.Forum posting on related forums.
8.4.Guest posting on related site's (sometimes),
8.5.Blogger and email outreach,
8.6. Most important are creating backlinks that your competitors have already got.

Check our complete SEO Guide to understand more about Link building.

9. Keeping Blog in Good Form for SEO

It's not enough only to do SEO
only once and then to never look back.
SEO is a process that should be done continuously for a site if you want to be found on the web and to not lose rankings.
If you want to know to do SEO for Blogspot Blog check our article about Blogger.
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Best Strategy Improve Your Blogs 2019 Infographic

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