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Google Search Hacks for Advanced White Hat SEO

Posted on the 07 March 2019 by Burim Bekteshi @AllSEOBasics
With Google getting as much as 78% of worldwide search volume, it’s no surprise that most webmasters simply want to rank well on Google, even if that means ignoring the other search networks completely.
However, despite customizing their SEO strategies to rank only on Google, a surprisingly large number of webmasters are failing.
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Some of them never manage to get the rankings they desire, while some others get their sites penalized soon after getting ranked. This is pretty much a result of bad or black hat SEO.
We have certainly entered a new age of SEO where going white hat is not only a safe but also the only reliable option for long-term rankings.
Now, before we start explaining how to use these search hacks, I recommend you to check and monitor your backlinks, for that you can use this awesome app from LinkOkay.
However, contrary to what many think, white hat SEO doesn’t have to be very difficult.
And this is exactly what we are going to prove in this article by helping you learn how you can go about coming up with advanced white hat SEO strategies using Google search hacks that help find great link building opportunities.
Advanced Google Search Operators
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Guest Posts

Guest posts from relevant, established sites in your niche can skyrocket your rankings like no other type of links can.
However, as finding such sites can be a little tricky, you can use the search hacks mentioned below to discover them.

Keyword/Your competitor name “guest blog”

When you’re searching using your keyword, you get niche-relevant sites that allow guest posts.
On the other hand, searching for your competitor’s guest blogs allows you to find the sites that they have used to guest post on.
It’s easy to see why using both is useful and necessary to get a competitive SEO advantage.
Other search operators that you can use for this include:
Keyword/Your competitor name “guest blogger”
Keyword/Your competitor name guest post
Keyword/Your competitor name “write for us”
Keyword/Your competitor name “become a contributor

Getting Links from Resource Pages

It’s easy to get links from sites that have a resource page from which they link out to other useful sites in the niche.
However, having useful content that offers a lot of value to the readers is a must to succeed with this strategy.
With that said, here’s how to search for this type of link building opportunities.
Keyword “top resources”/”top 10 resources”
Keyword “useful sites”/”interesting sites”
Keyword “favorite resources”
Keyword intitle:list
Keyword inurl:links/resources

As well as the other search queries as mentioned in the infographic.

Getting Links from Sites That Allow Listing Useful Sites

There are many sites in different niches that list useful sites in the niche. Many times, they are just directories, but if they haven’t been spammed and are relevant to your niche, they may still turn out to be pretty useful.
You can use the following search hacks to discover sites in your niche that may allow you to list your site.
Keyword “add a site”/”submit a site”/”suggest site”/”post site”/”recommend site”

Replace the “site” in the above search hacks with “URL”, “listing”, etc., as mentioned in the infographic.

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