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The Best Online Tools for Learning Spanish

By Expanishargentina @expanish

Here at Expanish Spanish School, we’re often asked by our students about what they can be doing to improve their Spanish outside of class. The bad news is, there is no magic answer. Just time, practice and hard work. However, the good news is, in the age of the internet, there are lots and lots of Spanish learning tools available online, that can make a Spanish student’s life a whole lot easier.  

Here are a few of our favourites!

Grammar, Spanish in general

Free  vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation (explication and tutorial in English), plus a premium service (for a cost)

Study Spanish 300x156 The best online tools for learning Spanish

Summaries of every important grammar topic and a number of interactive excercises

Bowdoin 300x257 The best online tools for learning Spanish

Here you’ll find all the tenses and the conjugations of all the regular and irregular Spanish verbs


Provided by dictionary publisher Larousse this site offers Spanish-Spanish or Spanish-English and provides the translation and some examples of contexts where you might use the word

PONS is one of the most renowned dictionaries in Europe, this online dictionary provides translations in most major languages

Pons 300x158 The best online tools for learning Spanish

è A great tool, used by many of the bilingual staff working at Expanish! Includes contexts, grammar notes and a synonyms dictionary:

Word reference 300x157 The best online tools for learning Spanish

è For those who wants to learn some “lunfardo” (argentinian slang)

Spanish level tests

è A multiple choice test, very thorough (30 questions for each level) and an explication about the levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)

This is a comprehensive test, providing reading comprehension and writing tests (i.e. not just multiple choice). You are asked to insert your name end email address and send it to the organization so it can be corrected

Spanish test 300x170 The best online tools for learning Spanish

Very thorough test split into 3 parts: grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension

Listening comprehension

è For those who know already some Spanish and want to improve their listening comprehension, can try to listen to a radio play like the reading of Don Quijote de la Mancha. You`ll find a lot of examples at

Reading comprehension

è To improve your reading comprehension and enrich your vocabulary you can also check out some journal homepages (from the Spanish speaking country your interested in). For example:

La Nacion 300x200 The best online tools for learning Spanish (news and articles about the whole world in Spanish) (some easy going reading for women)

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