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The Best of E3 2011 – Day 1

Posted on the 07 June 2011 by Onthatpage

E3Hellow dear readers! This is the resume and our commentaries about the games that we saw today on the first E3 day! We warn you that this is our choice of the best things that you can’t miss about the E3 2011, starting today! We hope that you enjoy them and get a glimpse about the incoming games.

The event is divide between some main conferences and some minor backstage that we saw from Gametrailers channel. Lets start with our coverage of what you must see from the E3!

Microsoft Press Conference

The first conference held was from Microsoft, and this is how it goes

  • Modern Warfare 3: This was the first game presented on the E3, it was shown a video gameplay  from a mission. It features an attack to New York from the Russians, it started with some underwater scuba-divers soldiers, and then they emerge and you can see the New York landscape devastated, but hold on… stop talking..  go and see it for yourself!
  • Tomb Raider: Some days ago we saw a new Cinematic trailer from the new Tomb Raider reboot, now on the E3 we got a glimpse of the gameplay of this incoming game that looks quite good! Presenting a younger Lara Croft and more vulnerable. The gameplay features a quite outstanding camera view, that changes depending on the situation,

  • Gears of War 3: About this great upcoming game, it was show a gameplay demo about what is coming for this one. The team was fighting a giant squid-like creature that was eating the platform where they were standing. Check out the gameplay here.

  • Halo Combat evolved, Anniversary Edition:  It’s a remake of the first Halo Game, but in HD and with better graphics and textures, with the most loved multiplayer maps with new graphics. Quite good anniversary gift for the Halo Fans !!

  • Minecraft Kinect: A great announcement, Minecraft will be on Xbox Live and will be kinect compatible! a nice move!
  • Sesame Street: Once upon a Monster: It’s the perfect game to play with your small kids! It looks AWESOME! its coop, you can control Elmo or the Cookie monster. This game really use the best of kinect mechanics, making your kid wave his/her hands in the air, making the interaction between the Sesame Street characters and them, and immerse in a monsters world! definitely a very good game!

  • Halo 4: A new trilogy has just begun, Halo 4 and the incoming trilogy was the great announcement for Microsoft, we only saw a cinematic trailer, but for some fans that is just enough for now! Watch it yourself here

  • Those were other games shown on the Microsoft Press Conference:

Mass Effect 3: kinect support, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Kinect, Ryse, Forza Motorsport 4, Fable: The Jorney, Disneyland: Kinect, Star Wars: Kinect, Kinect Sports Season 2, Dance Central 2 Kinect, Fun Labs Kinect

Backstage 1

  • Skyrim: we could see for the first time a fluid gameplay video of the Fifth sequel of Elder’s Scroll, and a fight with a dragon.. and here it is!

  • Batman: Arkham City: Another exclusive, the first gameplay demo for the Arkham Asylum sequel.. enjoy! Looks amazing!

EA Press Conference

  • Mass Effect 3: We got the first gameplay video of Mass Effect 3 and a great Cinematic trailer from it! so this is what we got for you! they are quite good!

  • Fifa 12: The new game for the best-selling sport franchise of all the time is back! The people from EA show us new mechanics, some new physics and a brand new social tool based on football teams, find out what are we talking about!
  • Sims Social: This is what happens when you mix Facebook + The sims, some kind of Sims Farmville, this will rock on the social network, watch the trailer.
  • Overstrike: A new experiment from the people of Insomniac to gather a team of agents, besides this is only a cinematic trailer, we want to see how this is going to evolve. Is it going to be a FPS? or RPG? only the time will tell, but the trailer looks great.

  • Battlefield 3: This is the E3 jewel so far until now, we got a new gameplay trailer that features a Tank operation, and it looks.. just.. very.. gooood! check it out for yourself

Other games shown on the EA press conference, Need for Speed: Run, SSX, Reconing, Star Wars: Old Republic, Maden NFL 12

UbiSoft Press Conference

  • Rayman Origins: It is a 2D coop platform game, that it is outstanding on visuals. The environment plays a mayor role on this game, even Rayman plays Tetris with its famous music in the middle of a level. Watch its demo on the next video.

  • Driver: San Francisco: A remake of a driving game that looks very good, excellent graphics and nice physics.. enjoy the demo shown on the conference

  • FarCry 3: this was sort of surprise for the audience, and results in a very good one, its jungle style is a trademark of this franchise, watch the gameplay demo

  • Brothers in arms: Furious four: This is Inglorious Basterds in a game, it feels like it a lot! watch it for yourselves

  • The adventures of Tin-Tin: the game: Ubisoft worked for this game with Peter Jackson (Director of The Lord of the Rings) and Steven Spielberg just to develop a game for the incoming animated movie of Tin-Tin, it looks nice.. check it out

  • Tom Clancy´s: Ghost Recon Future Soldier: Looks very interesting, it has augmented reality for the characters in the game, a 4 player coop mode, weapon customization that can be made with Kinect and will be 100% Free online. Watch the great trailer about this team based FPS

  • Assassins Creed Revelation: this is the first time ever that we can see the gameplay of the incoming sequel of Ezio Auditore and Altair. It has some fresh new things, but in the core is the same game as the previous ones

  • Other games shown on the Ubisoft Press Conference:

Yourshape, Just Dance 3, Trackmania 2, Rocksmith

Sony Press Conference

  • Uncharted 3: this was the first game presented by Sony, and for the delight of the public they show a 3D trailer of the game!
  • Resistance 3: We got a short gameplay video of this sequel, watch it here

  • God of War Trilogy Remastered, ICO & Shadow of the Colossus: to full HD and 3D capability! this is a great news ! see Kratos with more details!
  • New 24″ HD 3D TV Screen! Specially ment to play the bundle contains the TV, googles, HDMI cable and Resistance 3 for 499$,and a cool feature, it can be use for 2 players but without the split screen! Each player sees his game screen on the same display at the same time, in full size. No more Split screen anymore with this!
  • Medieval Moves: it is a title destined for Ps Move, it has a nice visual style.. check it out!

  • Sly Cooper Thieves in Time: will return! watch the trailer

  • Dust 514: From the creators of the MMO EVE online, comes this game that is a FPS, and the new thing that will bring is that it will mix the MMO from PC and the FPS from the PS3 on the same planet , a multy-cross platform and multi-genere game, we want to see how this is gonna happen.. enjoy the trailer meanwhile

  • PS Vita: is the official name of the so-called NGP (Next Generation Portable). It will feat a multi-touch screen with touch back of the device, 2 analog sticks, tilt sensor, WiFi  and much more! Watch it in action on the next list of games.
  • Uncharted: Golden abyss for PS Vita:  It is an Uncharted version for PS Vita, it can be played with the touch options, or the traditional controls, it is your choice, watch it in action!

  • Ruin for PS Vita: is a RPG action game very similar to Diablo 3 or the great Torchlight. It is for PS Vita and has a quite cool feature, you can continue playing this game on your PS3 when you arrive home! Watch the demo
  • Modnation Racers for PS Vita: a new Modnation with the sandbox editor included, that used the Vita features into the game, like the multi-touch surfaces for altering the landscape of the track. See what im talking about

  • New Little Big Planet for PS Vita: A brand new Little Big Planet design for the handheld, using it unique features. See the demo ahead

  • Street Fighter X Tekken for PS Vita: it will feature the character Cole from the Infamous franchise!

  • PS VITA will be available at the end of 2011 and will cost 249.99$ for the WiFi only version and 299.99$ for the 3G and WiFi version.
  • Other games from Sony Press Conference:

NBA 2K12, Starhawk, Bioshock Infinite and Little Big Planet 2 will support move, Unique content for PS3 on Battlefield 3, Need for Speed: Run and SSX.

Well this is all for today, i think was a lot of information for a single day !! tomorrow will be the Nintendo Press Conference, lets hope to see the Project Café announcement. Don’t forget to leave your comments about our selection from the E3 and keep an eye for the Day 2 resume! Good night and Good fight!

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