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The Best News I’ve Heard All Week

By Urbanbushwoman @urbanbushwoman9

Soooo let’s see. We’ve had the Donald ‘Big Balls’ Sterling White Sheet Parade. The RepubliCANTs rejecting the minimum wage bill (not surprising but still disappointing). More than 250 precious Nigerian girls abducted from their school and sold as child brides to a bunch of sick bastards. A comedian who thinks that women who accuse men of domestic violence are thirsty hos.  And the rainstorm from HELL (glad my hair is natural). I tell ya it’s just been a banner week on the news front. But one story I read in yesterday’s Columbia Flier put a Band-Aid on my broken heart and actually make me smile. I may have even said ‘Hallelujah’.

There is a family in Columbia that is doing something very proactive in terms of getting healthy snack options out their. The Bard family decided that instead of enduring the ice cream truck snacks in public parks and venues, they would sell fruit from their bikes. THEIR BIKES!!! So people may be hanging out in a park getting some exercise in and be able to buy a piece of organic fruit for a couple of bucks?? MARVELOUS!!! Not only is the Bard family doing something healthy for themselves but they are selflessly doing a good deed for the community at-large. And their being environmentally friendly by using their bikes instead of a car or truck. AND they make no profit from it.

This is Healthy Howard. It’s not just about what the Health Department can do for you or what pill you can take to feel better or what your insurance company doesn’t do enough of. Most of the ‘Healthy’ is in your hands. I never tire of talking about ways that people can prevent sickness from happening. And sometimes all it takes is a couple of changes in your routine to make a world of a difference. YOU are your own health insurance!

Of course the health advocate in me is jumping up and down about this. It warms my heart to read this story and I sincerely hope it catches on. I wish I had an award to give them but I don’t. So my blog post will have to do. Read about this family for yourself. Visit their website and buy a shirt. I didn’t see a link about how to possibly donate some money to them but hey contact them and see what happens. God bless you Bard family! You are Urban Bushwoman approved!!!


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