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The Best Myomectomy Surgeons in India

By Allyson3james


If your doctor has advised to undergo myomectomy surgery, you should first of all consider how to how the best myomectomy surgeons in India. India Laparoscopy Surgery Site is renowned for offering the patients state of the art equipments and exceptional care for myomectomy surgery in India. Our associated hospitals have the objective to treat each patients with utmost care and compassion. Our dedicated team of medical professionals ensure to provide the highest quality medical services and facilities at the most affordable price.

The best Myomectomy surgeons in India

What is Myomectomy Surgery and who should go for it?

Myomectomy surgery is a procedure done to remove the uterine fibroids. There are three types of myomectomy surgeries and this is an appropriate procedure elected by the surgeon based on the number, size and depth of location of the fibroids. Your surgeon will choose from the abdominal myomectomy, hysteroscopic myomectomy, laparoscopic/robot-assisted myomectomy.

Women with multiple uterine fibroids that are large in size and sited deep in the uterine wall should undergo a myomectomy surgery to relieve the symptoms. A myomectomy surgery is also recommended for women having a chronic vaginal bleeding and severe pelvic pain due to fibroids.

Key Highlights of Myomectomy Surgery in India

The key highlights of undergoing myomectomy surgery in India are:

  • Relief from the pain and the heavy menstrual bleeding are immediate outcomes post this surgery.
  • The other symptoms associated with the uterine fibroids such as leg pains, backache, urinary yrgency, constipation start to improve post surgery.
  • Since the sub mucosal uterine fibroids are a potential reason for infertility in women, therefore the issues associated with child bearing can also get resolved post surgery.

How to choose Myomectomy surgeon in India?

When choosing a myomectomy surgeon in India you should look for the specific qualities to ensure that you will receive utmost care during the entire procedure. The surgeons should possess the following characteristics and achievements:

  1. Our panel of surgeons graduate with the highest honors from the prestigious medical schools worldwide. They continue to be engaged in the groundbreaking research and the medical developments thereby ensuring that our patients receive innovative care.
  2. Many of our physicians have received the honorary awards as they never stop progressing and continue with the education classess seriously.
  3. Our surgeons are highly educated about the myomectomy procedures and have also been trained at the most prominent hospitals across the world. Our surgeons are up to date on the popular procedures.
  4. With the use technologically advanced da Vinci equipment, our myomectomy surgeons work precisely and more effectively. Through the minimally invasive procedures, our surgeons can avoid excessive tissue damage and promote faster recovery time.
  5. The educational and hands-on experiences of our physicians provides you with the utmost care possible and their innate compassion offers comfort during difficult time.

Where to get the best hospital for Myomectomy Surgery in India?

You can contact Indian Health Guru Site to get the best hospitals for myomectomy surgery in India. We offer the minimally invasive procedures that has many advantages for the prospective patients. By combining the innovative technology with the surgical expertise, we offer a more pleasant experience for our patients and their families. This includes spending less time in the hospital, a faster recovery and far less discomfort than which is typically associated with the surgical procedures. Our hospitals perform a variety of procedures including myomectomy surgeries with a proven record of success.

What is the cost Myomectomy Surgery in India?

The cost of Myomectomy surgery in India is $800 which is comparatively lower than the cost of the procedure in the developed countries. Contact Indian Health Guru Site to avail the low cost myomectomy surgery in India at the best hospitals.

The best Myomectomy surgeons in India

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