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The Best Kept Residential Interiors Design Secrets

By Demi Mist @Beautyandmist

The best kept residential interiors design secrets

With life constantly changing, one might need a little help with their interior design spaces. Everyone looks to have their home represent the kind of change that has happened in their life. These can be as simple as buying something new, or old, or simply moving around some household furniture.
There comes a time, though, when the big changes must be rung. When this time comes, be armed with these timeless tips from some of the most beautifully designed interior spaces in the world.

Sometimes, simple steps in the home can change the way rooms feel and look. For instance, one of the most underrated elements of home décor is the location of the furniture. Residential properties might want to push the furniture away from the walls. This gives the illusion of space and flow, even when the furniture is just a few inches way.

Author Bio - Sujain Thomas is a celebrated interior décor expert. She has successfully overseen some of the biggest residential projects in Matunga, Mumbai , and now runs an interior décor company and blog.
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