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The Best Coding Apps to Learn Programming

Posted on the 20 April 2021 by Uplarn @UPLARN_MEDIA
The Best Coding Apps to Learn Programming

Grasshopper is a free IOS and Android application. It teaches the audience programming through JavaScript teachings and puzzles. You are also required to solve these to progress. It also was designed by a team from Code along with Google. The application is also simple to use as it enables a person to arrange the blocks logically to create working code.

Along with the feedback, you are also able to unlock achievements as you progress. The lessons are short, and the app is user friendly. Various programming fundamentals are also taught such functions, variables, and methods are also shown on the app. On completion, you are also awarded certificates.

Encode is a remarkable coding application with its interactive code editor being powered with JavaScript, which is one of the world's most popular programming languages. Initially, it may appear very basic; however, on further use of the app, it can provide the user with an in-depth insight of coding. An impressive characteristic of this application is that it helps you start from the beginning and also saves time as the programming lessons are short.

By making the lessons quick, it enables people to fit in the programming lesson into their busy schedule. Encode also provides advanced options such as the ability to use programming languages like JavaScript. The sessions are interactive and also provide you with feedback on your performance after each session. The only obstacle for people to use this application is that it is available only to Android users.

Tynker is an application that is designed to aid even the children and the student population with all relevant content. Even though the app is designed with a lot of graphics to accommodate the student and children population, it is also suitable for people of all age groups.

The application is also fun to use as it includes games and even the basics of robotics. It also includes advanced and popular languages such as JavaScript and Python. Some of the other facilities provided by the application include challenges, quizzes, and even level editors and character creation. The app is available on IOS devices. It offers a much-relaxed environment to learn and work.

Founded by, Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski, in August 2011, Codecademy offers the enthusiastic amateurs out there, an online interactive platform to learn coding in 12 different programming languages comprising Python, Java, Go, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, C++, Swift, and Sass, HTML, and CSS.

It has been awarded Best Education Startup, Crunchies Awards in 2012 and Skills Technology Award in 2015. It features the basics of programming and ensures the level of information conveyed to the students meets their grasping ability.

It is accessible for Android and iOS and on the web, making learning to program a bit more feasible. The app also launched an option to purchase Codecademy Pro, years after an ample percentage of users started using the app all around the world. It costs $19.99 per month and possesses three levels as following:

  1. Codecademy Pro
  2. Codecademy Pro Intensive
  3. Codecademy Pro Mentors\

It allows users to learn specific strategies, quizzes, and practical projects.

The Best Coding Apps to Learn Programming

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