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The Best At-Home Anti-Aging Beauty Devices

By A Girl In Nyc - Lifestyle Blog

What does the device do?: This FDA-cleared device comes with three attachments that were designed to improve facial contour, reduce wrinkles, and tone.

Skin concern(s): Sagging and aging skin and fine lines and wrinkles.

How do I use it?: Start by thoroughly cleansing your skin. There are different attachments and techniques which will depend on the area you're targeting.

-use the wrinkle reducer attachment on the targeted area and hold in place until you hear a beep (three minutes).

-apply the gel primer and slide the device with the facial trainer attachment over your neck and face.

-apply gel primer and glide/hold the device with the lip and eye attachment over treatment areas. When finished, massage the remaining gel primer into your skin.

How often?: During the first 60 days use the device for five minutes per day, five days per week. Then use two to three days a week to maintain results.

When will I see results?: In a study, participants used the device for 60 days and for five minutes per day. 85% saw improvements in facial contour, 80% reported smoother skin, and 70% said their face looked more toned.

What's included?: A NuFACE Trinity toning device, facial trainer attachment, lip and dye attachment, wrinkle reducer attachment, leave-on gel primer, charging cradle and power adapter.

Anything else I should know?: NuFACE makes a 4-Piece Trinity Facial Toning Kit ($339), and a travel device ($209). You can also purchase their attachments separately (here's the wrinkle reducer and the ELE attachment ). They also have an amazing that's formulated with hyaluronic acid, phytomoist complex, smart peptide system and ionized formula.

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