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10 Elegant Cake Recipes That Are Perfect For Spring Celebrations

By A Girl In La - Style Blog @agirlinla
Cake decorating tips + tricks:

2) Purchase a rotating cake turntable which will make decorating a lot easier.

3) Make sure your cake is 100% cool before you frost it. You can do this by putting it in the freezer.

4) Level your cake (slice off the top so that it's completely flat) with a serrated knife.

5) Apply a crumb coat, which is a light coating of frosting that seals in any crumbs so they don't get into the final layer of frosting.

6) Use an icing spatula to spread the frosting, followed by a cake smoother to cover it evenly.

7) To decorate, use a pastry bag with tips and be sure to practice first. Put your icing in the pastry bag and draw out your designs on a sheet of wax paper. This will help you get the hang of it.

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