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The Beauty And The Bath: LUSH Rose Bubble Bar

By The Persephone Complex @hollycassell
When I'm in the bath, I want to feel like either a character from Perfume or a Disney Princess, with my curly hair piled up on my head and a friendly song-bird whistling to me from the windowsill. Of course you can't always control whether or not the bird turns up, but you can make the water a color fit for a mermaid. Lush feels like pretty much the only beauty brand that sells these experiences just as much as it sells products. I'm sort of working my way through everything they make now that I actually have a bath, and the other day I snapped up my very first bubble bar. It's called simply  Rose, and reminds me of the magic rose from Beauty and The Beast, my favorite Disney movie. I love anything red, pink, super-feminine, or with hearts or roses on (as I'm sure you've noticed from the look of my blog...) and I gravitate towards scents that are girly and edible; this has just enough cocoa butter in it to balance the strong fresh roses scent. It makes the water a delicate pink with glittery bubbles, and you can't get much more Disney Princess than that.

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