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The Bang Theory

By Shaguntomar @shagunt
Always value what you have but accept changes with same passion because like they say- 'Change is the only constant thing in life'. It had been around six months, I was growing my tresses and I almost started feeling like my mane was as special as my prospective man. :P But the restless girl in me was kind of done with the monotonous sweet girly living next door look. The real warning came when one of the gossiping kinds aunty from my neighbourhood told me how much she loved my hairstyle. I just knew then that I really needed a change that this particular aunty would not approve of.  And  I headed to the salon to risk my topmost style check area, my long grown hair. But the love did not die there. I knew I was not going to let the hairstylist alter the length but still wanted a change. In fact a drastic one. And this is the outcome. Bangs aint new to me but somehow this time they feel so different. Maybe because this time I am not a college girl willing to experiment. I am  grown up (a bit atleast) and I go to work. But I still refuse to be regular and look all serious and boring. :) Stay stylish! The Bang Theory
The Bang Theory

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