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The Baking Challenge: Chocolate Galore

By Nfldratheart @nfldratheart
The Baking Challenge started with a recipe posted by a good friend. She was unsure of how to decipher a recipe in a thrifted church cookbook, and I took it as a challenge to try it out. To see all The Baking Challenge posts, click here. And please join in and try out any that seem enticing!
Also, if you have any challenges for me please comment below or send me an e-mail. I'd love to try something for you!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Two weeks ago I shared the new recipe. This time it is actually two recipes, because they are choc full of chocolate and seemed too simple to pass up!
The Baking Challenge: Chocolate GaloreIn the past two weeks, maybe more, since I found these recipes I have baked them multiple times. They are so quick that when Reggie and I are looking for a quick and chocolatey dessert item these two recipes have been great to have on hand - especially the chocolate cake in a mug!
The Baking Challenge: Chocolate GaloreI would suggest using a small whisk to ensure all the dry contents are well combined - before adding the egg, oil and milk.
The Baking Challenge: Chocolate Galore The Baking Challenge: Chocolate GaloreMake sure to choose large mugs, and be careful mixing in the wet ingredients - this can get a little messy!
The Baking Challenge: Chocolate GaloreA mug of cake, and jar of milk? Well why on earth not? Delicious! Just be careful, the cake will be really hot. Also, the recipe calls for a 1000 Watt microwave for 3minutes, ours is 700 Watt I believe, and I cooked them for 3:30 - and they were perfect! Something to check out :)
The Baking Challenge: Chocolate GaloreThis recipe is great because you can mix it all in one pan. I used to make this with my mom when I was little - great recipe for kids! Also, there is no dairy or egg in this recipe, which makes it vegan friendly too :) And it is super moist and good for dessert, as a snack or even a second breakfast! lol
The Baking Challenge: Chocolate GaloreThe recipe I have planned for next time is one I actually found online, a snack I might try to whip up before we head to the hospital sometime soon (i.e. I might have already made them):

The Baking Challenge: Chocolate Galore

Click to enlarge - Source

That's all for today!  Let me know if you try any of these recipes out, I would love to see what you think :)
Thanks for stopping by, and happy baking!
The Baking Challenge: Chocolate Galore

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