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The Baggout Experience of ACP Pradyuman

By Jhilmil D Saha @jhilmildsaha
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As his wrinkled forehead made his subordinates aware of what is coming up next, he gently said, “Daya, Darwaza Chhod do”. Daya, who was already on his toes, flexing his muscles to repeat his favorite past-time, “breaking the door” game, almost fell hearing the ordeal from his superior. “Sir, Should I? “he fumbled. “Daya, sometimes think from your brains too, make yourself aware,” ACP Pradyuman, his boss grinned while making imaginary round in air with his index finger.
The Baggout Experience of ACP Pradyuman
” Listen Daya, I have found a more convenient way to break open all doors without flexing muscles. A few days back when Abhijeet again lost his memory for the 116th times in 17 years, I just clicked a few times from my mobile and he got back his memory.” Daya fumbled,” Sir, Mobile se, Kaise?”
 “Arey this is nothing, when our Dr. Salunkhe broke up with his 7th girlfriend, I immediately cheered him up with a few clicks from my laptop.” “Sir, Laptop, mobile, how Sir?” “Yes Daya, here comes, a place from where you can get attractive deals from almost all shopping websites. When Abhijeet lost his memory, I ordered the exact shirt he was wearing when we all went for a picnic 10 years back, from one of the leading websites and it was at 50% discount. It was delivered on spot the same day and that poor guy, our super-cop could get back the pleasant memories immediately. Salunkhe was really depressed when his girlfriend ran away, he was lamenting and almost vowing to never get into any relationship. I logged in to and ordered for cool sunglasses at Buy 1 get 1 free offer. When it was delivered, he started his car and set off for Goa for a day’s trip with me, specifically in search of his 8th girlfriend.” “ Sir, you too?” Daya giggled. ACP Pradyuman frowned, “ Daya, I went in search of a famous goon there.” “Did you find him Sir?” “It was not easy Daya, not easy. Salunkhe was searching for a girlfriend and I for that goon who was a very fast runner. First I needed an equipment that could trace his activities and second I required a pair of shoes that could make me jump up like flubber. And came into my rescue, I searched and found a mobile that can trace anything in seconds. Along with it came a pair of shoes that can make me jump like The Jumper. That goon was hidden inside a cave and when I almost caught him, he ran so fast that he almost vanished. I jumped with those shoes, caught and handcuffed him.”
 “Sir, tomorrow is Shreya’s birthday, so I was thinking why don’t we gift her something from our whole team?” Daya blushed. “Daya, we will think about our gift, you decide yours, there are plenty of things for women which you can shop through Shreya will definitely like. Go Daya go, log onto and get exciting offers from various websites.” “ But Sir, Darwaza?” “ Darwaza Chhod do Daya, ko pakdo.”
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The Baggout Experience of ACP Pradyuman

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