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The Astro-Diary – Working with the Subtle Rhythms of Time

By Luphil

I today received the PDF of the Astrological Diary of WTT-Global (English version) for the solar year Aries 2013 – Pisces 2014, which just has been completed. If you are working with the subtle rhythms of nature which reflect in the movements of the planets it is a good aid for your spiritual discipline. Working with the key of time  is a major instrument for exploring inner dimension and there is a booklet on “Time”. In the course of the years Sri Kumar has given a lot of information about this kind of inner work – which has virtually nothing to do with what you might have heard about astrology. It is a method of alignment to the planetary energies in a meditative work of focussing and visualisation. I’m regularly working with it for over 12 years; it creates an awareness of subtle inner pulsating movements and the ever changing qualities of time. There exists also a German version of the calendar.

May you profit from the calendar for your spiritual discipline.


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