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The Ascending Serpents

By Luphil

Next Monday is Scorpio full moon – so here are some words about how the picture I did for Scorpio on 14 July 2012. If you would like to send it as an e-card, it’s here – since yesterday you can send again e-cards from the Good-Will website – thanks to my son Nikolas, who wrote the program.

When the picture started to appear in the inner, after studying the chapter on Scorpio in “Spiritual Astrology” by Master EK, I thought that I wouldn’t get it out. There was a face at the upper right side with the bridge of radiant light between the pituitary and the pineal on the front, the sign of enlightenment. At the left end there was the tree of consciousness, as in the story of Adam and Eve, where the serpent was falling down, the fall of the spirit into matter. There was a starry vault and flying serpents ascending, the Nagas or Enlightened Ones, – the liberated souls, the Masters of Wisdom.

I didn’t want to start painting, for I “knew” that I wouldn’t get it down. But there was the impulse, just go ahead, it will develop.

First I arrange the structure of the pictures in the computer before printing it out for painting and then I work again on it in the PC again. I collected pictures, googling, searched through my photo collection.  I finally saw a picture of a serpent flying through the air, jumping from a tree, which I took to start with and worked it over. I merged it with a photo of a huge tree I took some weeks ago – it became the Tree of Life from which consciousness descends into matter to gain experience. The serpent is falling down like a flash – it got a light-filled head and a body of red color with a yellow line.

For the upper face I found a beautiful profile which I transformed into this dark mother watching over the scene with the light of the “electric hint” on her front – the “higher bridge”, the “pituitary hint”, as it is called by Master EK. And the lighted side-face reminds of the ascending serpent in bluish light. It observes the magic dance of the ascending flying serpents with blue jewels as their heads, and in the background stars of the constellation of Scorpio, joining the enchanted dance. They are ascending from the lower into the higher sphere, from the “burning ground” of the planes of suffering on our earth, where the souls are caught in ignorance.

For this part I took a picture of a totally crowded beach in China, all the people standing close-by-close in the water. Though it is now covered with color you still recognize the crowd – symbolic of the humans caught in the waters of the emotional and lower mental spheres. The sphere seems to be closed by the “ring of the horizon”, the plane in which the ordinary people are locked up. The flames behind were not flames, but worked out from a photo of a surfer in a wave seen against sunlight – again a symbol of the watery sign of Scorpio and its fiery ruler Mars. Its fire reflects at the higher sphere, but doesn’t penetrate it. There you see the vastness of the starry vault. Above, there are the apples of the tree of experience, now the fruits of wisdom gained.

When I thought the picture was ready I sent it to Sri Kumar. He answered, “Let there be an eagle too over the snakes.” First I thought, oh, this isn’t possible, the painting is already finished. But then I visualised a shining eagle and I set on integrating it. And this was just the closing point of the picture.

The Ascending Serpents

Scorpio – The Ascent of the Serpent Through the Pituitary Hint

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