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The Armoires: We Absolutely Mean It

Posted on the 14 April 2024 by Hctf @hctf
The Armoires: We Absolutely Mean It

Are Californian power pop band The Armoires dead serious or indulging into a bit of wishful thinking when they sing that "this is where we go big" on their new single We Absolutely Mean It? Either way the song is a bold statement, wrapped in strings and guitars, with a classic slowed down middle-eight thrown in for good measure.

The band has been going for ten years now and is still growing under the tutelage of producer Michael Simmons (sparkle*jets UK), their go-to guy for getting a vintage sound with top shelf harmonics and separation. It is another taste from their forthcoming new album, Octoberland, due for release in the Fall.

The Armoires:
Christina Bulbenko: vocals, keyboards
Rex Broome: vocals, guitar
Larysa Bulbenko: viola, violin, backing vocals
Clifford Ulrich: bass, backing vocals
John Borack: drums

We Absolutely Mean It is released via Big Stir Records. Release date: April 19.

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