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The #AngriestWhopper in Town

Posted on the 19 April 2016 by Cheekymeeky

Last weekend, Burger King unveiled a new limited-edition whopper called appropriately enough Angriest Whopper. It has been available in other countries

It comes with an extremely angry looking red bun (red because it is baked with hot spices, and not because of any food coloring).

Between the red-hot buns is a totally delicious and mouth-watering combination of crispy angry onion petals, spicy angry Habanero sauce and zesty jalapenos piled high atop the patty and layered with a slice of cheese, lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and creamy spicy mayonnaise.

I tried out the veg angriest whopper on Sunday at the Burger King on CMH Road, and I came away with my heart singing.

The whopper just hit all the right notes - it's spicy but not too spicy, and the mayonnaise of the burger mellowed down the heat from the sauces and the bun. I also loved the flavoring of the jalapenos, and the habanero sauce, mixed in with the paprika flavoring of the bun.

I think I"ll go a step further and say that I actually liked this limited edition whopper more than their regular one.

I am so used to eating fast-food hamburgers on autopilot that Burger King really deserves a lot of credit for offering something that surprised and challenged my taste buds.

Along with the burger, we had some chicken nuggets and chicken fries. Snubnose who was with me just inhaled in all the chicken.

The chicken fries were a hot favorite all across the table, for their great taste, and super-cute packaging.

That said, the chicken on the cover looked noticeably sad, sad enough for Snubnose to feel momentarily sorry for and comment on the sad fate of the chicken, before plunging her hand in to eat yet another chicken fry.

This deliciousness was washed down our stomachs with helpings of the thickest Mango Tango milkshake for me, and a Raspberry Blues iced dessert for Snubnose.

Just the perfect Sunday lunch!

To Try

To try the angriest whopper, visit any Burger King branch near you.

The angriest whopper is available in Veg, Chicken and Mutton options and will be served in all Burger King restaurants till 30th May 2016.


Veg: Rs. 159/-
Chicken: Rs. 169/-
Mutton: Rs.219/-

Happy eating!

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