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The American Sewing Guild

By Somanycolors
Joined the American Sewing Guild (ASG) a few days ago. I learned about them after following @sewchicago (aka Tina Wong) on Twitter. She also writes the Chicago ASGs Chapter blog. In fact, it was her post that introduced me to Shingo Sato and his Transformational Reconstruction in my post below.
The ASG's annual conference is in LA this summer. I'd love to go! Find out more by clicking on the image:
The American Sewing Guild

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By Tina Wong, The Kudzu Sewist
posted on 17 April at 19:40
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Wow! I'm so happy that you joined the ASG!

And thrilled that you found Shingo Sato as intriguing. I took a 2-day class from him last week. I'm still trying to come down off my incredible high from his class to blog about it. Should be posting this week...multi-part.

Cheers! tina