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The Aga Toaster

By Sue15cat
The Aga Toaster   I was asked for an explanation of the Aga toaster in an email and so here it is :-)   The Aga Toaster   It's so simple, you just place your bread, buns, teacakes, bagels or whatever you want toasting between the two halves of the toaster, close them together and place directly onto the Aga hotplate.
The Aga Toaster   Put the lid down and stay close by, the intense heats makes toast from frozen in just a couple of minutes.  When you can smell the toast cooking nicely open the lid and turn the 'bat' over and toast the other side, remembering that this second side will toast so much faster as it is already warm from the lid of the hotplate.    We always toast straight from the freezer as that way we never have bread in the breadbin that might go stale.  We only get out exactly what we need, and when the bread (or whatever) is frozen there is no sticking of crumbs to the toaster and it wipes down so simply, but be very careful as it is obviously VERY hot.
The Aga Toaster   I usually stand the toast in a toast rack for a minute, literally 60 seconds as I was advised to by Delia Smith (on tele .... not in person) many years ago, just to allow the steam to disperse and the toast to crisp up, and then butter for the most perfect toast you will ever have tasted.   Or in Lovely Hubby's case add a layer of Damson Gin Jam to complete a simply delicious breakfast or snack.   Sue xx

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