Divorce Magazine

The Aftermath

By Judithmiddleton
In March last year “Aftermath: On Marriage and Separation” was published. In it the author, Rachel Cusk, attempts to chronicle her attempt at rebuilding normality after her 10 year marriage falls apart. The book is widely criticised for repeated and allegedly pointless references to Greek mythology as well as self-indulgence. Needless to say it failed to make it to the Bestsellers’ List. Today, however, Camilla Long from the Sunday Times has received the Hatchet Job of the Year Award for her review of the book in which she describes it as “acres of poetic whimsy and  vague literary blah,a needy, neurotic mandolin solo of reflections on child sacrifice and  asides about drains” in which the author “tramples anyone close to her especially [her husband] Clarke.” Pretty much like any divorcee’s diary then! It is hardly a fair subject for a damning review when one hopes that the author at least found therapy in the act of writing. However with a prize of a golden hatchet and a year’s supply of potted shrimps, there are surely any number of reviewers queuing to put forward their own extreme critique on the literary offerings presented to them. Divorcees beware and keep your private thoughts locked away, especially if committed to paper.

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