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The Adventure One Year On..........

By Plot58 @plot58
 The Adventure one year on.......... The Adventure one year on..........Wow has it really been a year?.....tomorrow(4th) sees my first year as an allotment holder the time has really flown by, I can’t imagine life without the allotment now it’s become such a big part of my life most of my free time is spent at the plot in one way or another, it’s my way of dealing with the stresses of running a busy kitchen and the challenges that it throws at me. I can spend an hour after work just pottering about and the stress and worry of the day just lifts from my shoulders.   I love spending time with my whole little family at the allotment if the girls aren’t digging or planting something they are hunting for daisy’s or playing with the other children on the plot.I have such big plans now this year for the allotment and I spent all the winter preparing for it with the addition of my raised beds and the new compost area it feels almost complete.I did have a really good harvest last year but I didn’t prepare much for the winter or spring but this year it will all be different.
The Adventure one year on..........The Adventure one year on..........  Bring on the next 12 months………

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