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The Advent of Utopia

By Tantrawave @planetbuddha
Elenin, the supposedly tetrahedral comet, is Ketu. Ketu portends. Hoax, sensationalism, hysteria, flim-flam fly-by-night snake-oil salesmanship, debunkable bunk, mendaciousness, and outright lies: none of those things matter in the field of a collective message, only those who observe the resonances of the world, the Avalokitesvaras, can know what that message is. For truth to be cloaked in shit, nothing can be a more effective shield. I write this for those who are the El-ite, the El's of the world. Elohim Essaim, Elohim 一切無 (無=穆 (liberation)). (from Harbinger (September 2011))  
If the Black-Swan non-event of 12-21-2012 is just back to business as usual for you, then you've missed the proverbial boat.  Who truly believed that the end of the world was going to happen, literally, like in the movie(s)?  Who truly believed in literal, dense, thick, material things that would happen?  If an apocalypse did happen, then we'd all be toast, literally.  Everything would be fucked up beyond repair, survivalist hordes, zombies, Reptilians, and mutants would take over, and there would be no time for rainbows and good cheer.  It would become severely difficult, if not impossible, to become awakened, to resonate with ubiquitous, conscious life force.  It would have become hell on earth.  Is that what we wanted?

Can corpocracies, human trafficking, violence, war, bigotry, ideologies, and so on vanish from the face of the earth without also taking out with them those who earnestly practice ascent?  Can wheat be separated from chaff with a blazing fire?  Did you think, that the so-called eschaton was going to be a blunt, thick, dense, material event?  If so, you've been watching too much TV and movies.  And you've been seeing too many documentaries.  And you've been spending too much time with those silly internet memes.The Mayan Calendar was a signpost.  The so-called galactic alignment was a signpost.  They were merely pings, but there is an allure to the material, thick, and literal, and they became the things-in-themselves, i.e., for many.  Focus got diverted.  And there were hoaxes, yes, many hoaxes surrounding the event.  So much so that even the sincere will now be lumped in with the hucksters. The masses will despise the whole thing as one bad memory and exercise in mass hysteria, and collective stupidity.  2012-related books and material will go the way of decades-old phone books. They'll be a thing of curiosity, if even that much, stuff to chuckle about, perhaps be mortified about.   Goons of scientism will bask in the glory of having been right and rational.  Religionists will gloat in the facticity of scriptural passages, and reclaim the monopoly of eschatologies unto themselves. Perhaps those who are neither kind but sort of believed and were cautious will now go full bore and unhampered in full blown mundanity.  And perhaps it will be business as usual for those who didn't give a shit about any of it in the first place.So where does all this put the rest of us who resonated with the Singularity of Novelty ingression? Where the fuck was the Novelty, you ask.  Many of you are embarrassed, because even if you were level headed about the whole thing, like all the contributors of our blog here, we're lumped in with the sensationalists of all kinds, as if we were swept away and suckered. But yes, if you believed that some big material thing was going to happen, some dense, thick event, then you were suckered. But no, my friends.  All of the above is just flotsam-jetsam of an aftermath.  The aftermath of the eschaton, and the inception of the new Aeon.  We are currently in-between, in a bardo, an interim of formation. I want to write a series of posts on what Novelty was all about, because the whole event was a Black Swan.  Everything up to that point in time, so to speak, were invisible transmissions of the Singularity which attracted from the future.  It was a pinging point which ripples all around, and we're still in its event horizon.  This is why some of us experienced concrescences much earlier than 12-21-2012.  I experienced mine 09-23-2011.  A good friend of mine experienced hers a week before the event, or I should say, non-event.   Please have a look at the links in this post and meditate for a while.  Be cool, it's all alright.  The intriguing fun has begun for real.  But one word of caution before I close.  Don't go looking without for signs and portends.  If anything the 12-21-2012 should teach us, is to not mistake signposts for the thing itself.  And that thing itself is within you, and whenever two or three gather in the name of that thing itself, there it shall be, in full, vibrant, living, conscious resonance in the field of your own Mind and Body.The Advent of Utopia

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